Hi there,


Tash Guthrie


... and the words

'I don't have enough time' aren't in my vocabulary.


In fact, my community call me ‘The Time Creator’ because that’s what life’s all about really, isn’t it? Creating time for All. The. Things.

What I noticed though, is that my own life and the daily lives of the women around me were on a constant hamster wheel, juggling the multi-faceted demands of their lives and ending the day in a run-down heap, depleted, exhausted and scraping together just enough sleep to do it all again tomorrow.

I paused and thought… ‘are we really living our dream lives?’
I became curious, so I started asking questions. And you know what I discovered? I discovered that we weren’t living our dream lives AT ALL.

So I asked these busy, overwhelmed women what they’d like to create more time for, they all said similar things such as quality time with their family, a new hobby, time for themselves or time with friends.

It seemed that we were all just busy doing the everyday things and the unimportant things, therefore rarely making time for the things that matter the most to us deep down. And that’s just shitty.


Enough BS

I truly believe that everyone has the power within them to live the life they truly desire, free of overwhelm, burden and stress.

I think back to when I first became a mother, sitting on the ground in the laundry surrounded by mountains of washing and feeling completely defeated. My days had become an unstructured blur and I felt like a failure because I had a newborn screaming in the room next door, a stack of unprocessed invoices in my in-tray and I couldn’t even get the bloody washing on the line. I had lost myself and lost my structure.

It was at this time that I knew I needed a tool and a system to help me manage the multi-faceted demands of my life.


I called it 'The Time Creator'

The concept took off quickly because busy women needed a lifeline. It all started with The Time Creator planner and then quickly spread to a bustling community and podcast. I am so proud to help busy, time-poor women to take control of their day by improving their productivity and time management skills to ultimately create more time for the people and things they love most. After all, life is more than just work, housework and running errands, right?

I live by a strong mantra: ‘plan hard, live easy’ and this is reflected in my strategies for creating a purpose-driven, fulfilled life free from complication, stress and overwhelm.

I’m so glad we have found each other!
Tash xx

Come and join my community...


The Time Creator Community is an inspiring space to connect with other like-minded women, about all things planning and creating time for the things that matter to us most.

I can't wait to welcome you.