101 Simple Self Care Ideas

Feb 17, 2020

Self care is a hot topic among busy, mums everywhere. In fact, it's a bit of a buzz concept at the moment!

In this episode, I chat all about unfortunate perception that self care is expensive and indulgent when it is in fact something so much more simple and achievable than that. Listen in to find out the 4 self care categories and the secret to indulging several times a day in self care.

Key takeaways

  • What self care is and isn't
  • Finding joy in everyday tasks
  • The four categories of self care along with some examples of each
  • Where you can purchase the eBook '101 Self Care Ideas for Mums' by moi! Purchase here!
  • Get involved in the online challenge using the hashtag #take5formechallenge

Links mentioned in this episode

eBook: 101 Self Care Ideas for Mums The Time Creator Community – www.facebook.com/groups/timecreatorcommunity

The Time Creator Planner - www.tashguthrie.com.au/the-time-creator


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