2021 Planner Release

Jul 14, 2020

It is with much excitement that today I will be revealing the covers of the 2021 planners. 

I can’t help but reflect on the opportunities we as women, have in 2021  in following and achieving our dreams. I think back to my grandmother as a young woman and the brave and deliberate decisions she made,  all of which were unusual for her time. By unapologetically breaking the mould of the traditional housewife, she has paved the way for my mother and I to follow our dreams.  

This year you'll notice that my signature floral design is unlike anything you've seen from another brand. It is unique. It's not on trend. It is vintage and it is very special to my heart. This tribute proudly links the dreams of my maternal heritage to the dreams that I have been able to achieve today, because  of her, and to the legacy I want to leave for my daughter.

My grandmother was a progressive woman for her time. She worked hard her whole life on the things that lit her up. As a wife of the 1950s, she refused to be boxed into the stereotypical role of the housewife and instead, pursued a life of passion from book keeping and banking (at a time when few women were able), to farming and art.

She referred to cooking and cleaning as a 'mug's game' and forbid my mother to study home economics at high school, which mum defied. It was later in her life, in her 50s that she pursued a long-time interest of painting. She painted beautiful landscapes and florals on canvas and eventually ceramics and I have chosen to use one of these floral pieces as the signature floral cover for the 2021 planners. 


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