5 Ways to Create an Inspirational Work Space

business house & home Oct 04, 2015

I envy all of those amazing office spaces that people create in their homes. You know the ones... they are so perfect that I’m convinced that they’re just show-room offices in people’s homes and their real work spaces are actually tucked away in the corner of the lounge room or taking up the entire dining room table!

Seriously though, after spending way too much time looking at gorgeous offices on Pinterest, I’ve decided that I can have an inspirational work space too; and so can you!


Start by removing everything off your desk except your electronics (because, well you know,  they’re super heavy). Wipe the surfaces clean and then make a plan for how you want your office to look and feel. File loose papers, throw out the rubbish and find a place for everything. A clean, decluttered work space is a productive work space.

Add JUST the essentials

Which items do you use every day? Things like staplers, paper clips and scissors might be better left in the top drawer where they’re easily accessible, rather than on the desk itself, taking up room and creating ‘clutter.’ Leave out a pencil pot, in-tray, sticky notes or anything else that you need regularly. Everything else can go on a shelf or in a draw.

Add flowers

Nothing freshens up a space like beautiful fresh flowers. They will make your space feel feminine and luxurious.

Hang your vision board

You made it, so make sure you have it somewhere you can see it! Hang it on the wall, put it above your computer or anywhere else in your office that works. It’s amazing how many times you’ll gaze back at your vision board, while you’re in the office. The more you look at it, the more you will ‘will’ yourself to take more action.
Invest in gorgeous stationary


Buy the nice notepads, sticky notes, diaries, planners and pencils – and USE them! Use them all up. Half of me wants to save my nice stationary... but for what? The other half of me wants to use it. I’m inspired to want to use it. I want to write my best ideas and my biggest dreams and goals on that gorgeous paper. It’s a mindset shift within itself!

The best thing about this list of ideas to create an inspiring work space, is that it can implemented in an hour or two. So what do you have to lose? Get in there and clean things up. Get outside and pick some fresh flowers from the garden! Dust off the nice stationary you’ve stashed in a cupboard somewhere and then get to work on your passion!