5 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Business

Sep 03, 2015

Do you sometimes find it difficult to motivate yourself in business? Like anything else, there are times in our business when we feel more motivated to work and get shit done than others.

We all have those days where the mere thought of walking into the office and getting down to business is overwhelming or uninviting. But as we all know, your business will only ever work as hard as you do!

Sometimes, we just have to pick ourselves up, walk through that door and get to work. But how do you do that when you’re feeling unmotivated? Here are my 5 top tips to help motivate you in business.

Have a spring clean

Creating a practical and inspirational  physical work space is key to feeling motivated to work. When you sit down at your desk, your space should be clear from clutter, organised and efficiently resourced. Do you have lots of loose paperwork lying around that needs filing? Or stationary scattered across the desk? Perhaps there’s a layer of dust over the top of everything. Remove everything from you workspace, create a place for everything, reorganise, dust/wipe and rebuild your space. For inspirational touches try a photo of your family, fresh flowers or hang your vision board on the wall.

Create a vision board

Vision boards are a creative way to visually represent your business dreams and aspirations. Collect and collage a collection of images that represent what you’re working towards in both the short and long term. You might include pictures of your ideal customer, rewards and incentives or perhaps a larger long-term goal such as a house or car. Display your vision board somewhere in your work space and feel inspired by it every time you look at it.

Create clear goals/tasks related to what you want to achieve each week

What are you working towards? Once you know, you can break your goals into realistic, bite-sized, actionable chunks that aren’t overwhelming. You can begin working through your to-do list and feel the amazing satisfaction of ticking off those tasks and getting onto the next thing. Your daily tasks should be a break-down of your weekly goal. Your weekly goal should be a breakdown of your monthly goal, and your monthly goal should be a breakdown of your yearly goal (you get the point). When you’re clear on what you’re working toward, you will develop a positive mindset to match it.

Remove all distractions

And by ‘distractions’ I mean ‘excuses’. There are so many reasons (excuses) that stop us from getting stuff done. Implement a cleaning schedule that you can stick to so that your house is clean and tidy most of the time. Organise for someone to watch the kids for a few hours, a couple of times a week. Keep your desk neat and tidy; clearing it at the end of each day. Spend quality time with your family that is uninterrupted by work. When you have everything else in your life manageable, you’ll find less distractions and excuses that stop you from getting things done.

Celebrate your success

Big or small, success is success. Celebrate it all! The more you reward yourself for your hard work, the more motivating it will be to get onto the next task or challenge. You’ll feel an enormous sense of pride and happiness when you celebrate milestones or achievements. Celebrate small things like a $20 sale, a task being completed or an ‘unsubscribe’ to your newsletter (this is a good thing, trust me); as well as the big things like a $300 sale, a promotion or a launch. Be creative with how and when you choose to celebrate. If you were already planning on opening a bottle of wine that evening, make a toast and verbalise your success for that day. Reward yourself with a bubble bath or a facial at a salon. Make an announcement on social media. Celebrating your success will work wonders on your positive mindset and ultimately motivate you to achieve more.

I hope that by reading this, you’re already feeling a stronger motivation towards your business and your success. Don’t wait another moment... get started now! You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.


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