6 Perfect Podcasts for Mums in Biz

Mar 18, 2017

It’s no wonder that my 2 hour daily commute for work has become my most favoured part of the day. What used to be a gruelling, wasteful period of time has now become my most inspirational, educational and reflective time in my day, thanks to podcasts.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio download that can be accessed on a computer or electronic device to listen to. There are hundreds of thousands of topics/genres to suit just about anyone’s interests.

Why do I love them?

Although typically a visual person, podcasts allow me a ‘hands free’ option of learning through listening. I can subscribe to channels I love and download episodes that play one after the other, ensuring that I’m never without content to listen to and learn from. I simply download the episodes that I’d like onto my phone while I’m connected to my home Wi-Fi and then plug my device into my car and listen while I drive. Simples.

The other great thing? It’s completely free! Hooray for free education. We are seriously SO blessed to have access to free education. Self development is one of my five key areas of work/life harmony, so it's important to stay inspired to learn and grow.

How do I choose which podcasts to subscribe to?

It’s a little bit hit and miss. I usually hear about podcasts through Facebook groups or I notice it on someone’s site as I’m researching. If it sparks my interest, I search for them in iTunes or through my podcasts app on my iPhone and then download an episode to try it out. I usually get a feel for whether or not it resonates with me within the first 5 mins. If I enjoy it and feel that it is a podcast I could really learn from, I subscribe and download the episodes that are of interest to me. They get moved into my playlist and hey presto, I have content ready to go.

My 6 favourite podcasts!

Mums with Hustle Podcast with Tracy Harris

Let me bow at her magical knees! Firstly, Tracy resonates with me soooo much and not just because she’s a biz mum who has her shit together, she’s a primary school teacher just like me AND she has ambition bigger than Mt Everest. She is an Instagram marketing expert and truly believes that we can all learn and grow and follow our dreams in order to create amazing businesses. She built her business on the pillar of collaboration and through community which I love to bits.

Her interview style is delightful and what I love is that she can simultaneously take a guest through start-up based questions through to more advanced/seasoned questions for those who have been walking around the business block for while without making it feel like it’s just for start-ups or far too advanced. Usually, the next question she asks is the one you’re naturally wanting to ask to, which makes her the perfect person to have as your voice.

Wild Success Podcast with Lizzie Moult 

You can't help but be drawn to Lizzie's realness. She interviews the most amazing business owners, thought leaders and inspirational people, asking insightful questions and allowing the interviewee to share their story in an engaging way. Lizzie lives in the rainforest and records her podcast episodes from inside a tee pee in her house! How awesome is that!!!

I love that Lizzie's podcasts are of a digestible length and she gets straight to the point of asking the big important questions so that we can all learn from her guest's experiences and advice.

Heart Centred Business Podcast with Tash Corbin

Tash and I go way back.. years actually to when she was just starting out in her own coaching business and I was transitioning from Wicked Waiters into my own coaching business and blog. Tash has a beautiful cycle of podcast focuses throughout the month ranging from spotlight series with guests, to business strategy lessons and her month in review where she shares her own business journey and is 100% transparent about her business.

Tash is all about feminine business and takes a ‘non-sausage’ approach to business growth, sales and success. She truly understands what it is like to be a woman and the need that we have to approach our businesses with heart, ethics, collaboration and shared success through meaningful and authentic connections with others.

Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis

THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE. Seriously. There's no one who can turn my day around quicker than Rachel. She is upbeat, positive and has a no excuses mindset when it comes to how big your dreams can be and getting that shit done. She is a New York Times best selling author and an achiever. Her podcast episodes are a mix between self reflection and interviews with like-minded, inspirational people. She built her multi million dollar business from the ground up using nothing more than a high school diploma and a Google search bar. In the podcast she shares direct, tangible advice and inspiring interviews to help you change your life and business for the better.
And in case this isn't enough... she and her husband Dave also have a couples podcast, which is EPIC. I've even had Tim listening. Check it out!

Lead with Love Podcast with Jadah Sellner

I'm only new to listening to this podcast and so far I'm finding so much comfort and motivation in it. Jadah's calm, nurturing voice is enough to help you relax and get comfortable but it's her message that packs the most impact. Love over metrics. Jadah's refreshing and reassuring view that the relationships you have in your business is the most important element, is what I'm here for. Over time we get a very skewed view of how business should run... money, sales, conversion, goal setting, scaling, automation etc. Yes, these things are very important, but none of it exists without the relationship you build with potential and existing clients, customers and peers. I've certainly found a comfy little podcast here.

The Productive Woman with Laura McClellan

Laura's podcast is an award winning podcast devoted to productivity for business women #hellome!

Her podcast aims to help busy women find the tools and encouragement they need in order to manage their time, life, stress and stuff so that they can accomplish the things they care about most and make a life that matters. Sounds amazing right? Well, it is. I often listen to this podcast on my commute home from work because Laura's style is so informative, yet reflective. Perhaps it's her day job in law, but she loves to reference articles, books and conversations with others when educating and sharing ideas in her episodes. I've actually found many amazing books to buy and blogs to read from listening to Laura. Not to mention I've also learnt some amazing productivity hacks too!

Get Started!

If you haven’t already jumped on the podcast train, then grab your iPhone and check out the podcasts app to get started for free. Alternatively, click the link of the podcast you’re interested in from my list and you can listen straight from their website!

Do you listen to a great podcast that you think I’d love? Comment below and I’ll be sure to check out your recommendation!


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