9 Ways to Avoid doing Housework on a Sunday

house & home systems & routines Apr 03, 2014

"Darling, I've got no clean undies!"

I think every woman has heard this desperate cry from their significant other at some point in their life. How ridiculous to think that THEY could ever plan far enough ahead to ensure that the laundry is done!!

Just as you climb the stairs to go and investigate, you can see the kitchen counter out of the corner of your eye and pretend that you don't see that gigantic pile of dishes and food that will soon be your next task.

And just as you almost reach the bedroom... OUCH! You've stepped on a piece of bloody lego. Now, research shows that when we cry because we are happy, tears begin to flow from the right eye first. When we cry because we are sad, tears begin to flow from the left eye first. But, the only time when tears begin to flow from both eyes at the same time... is when you step on bloody lego!

Now, my mother and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but I have to say that as the original beam-balancer... she's got her shit sorted out.

Ever turn up to someone's house unannounced, and their house is spotless?? Yep, she's one of those people. Always spotless. Always perfect.

And you know how she does it?

She has a system.

A housework routine of sorts. As a child and a teenager, it drove me crazy!! Why did everything have to be done in a certain order and in a certain way? And why did the vacuum cleaner always have to start up at 7pm on a Wednesday night, just as Home and Away was about to start?? It was because she was clever.

So mother dear, thank you. I'll say it now... You. Were. Right. (ouch).

 Now I'm not saying that my house is completely spotless all the time (I do have a life you know)! Now that I'm a mum, I value my weekends more than anything. It is my time to be the 'fun mum' and to relax with my family. The last thing I want to be doing is masses of housework that has built up over the week. But here are my top tips for avoiding housework on a Sunday and KEEPING ON TOP OF THINGS.

The secret: Do a little something each day.

1. Wash EVERY day (Monday -Friday)

Don't argue that this wastes water. Now that we are living in our little slice of country paradise, we run our house on tank water. Doing 5 loads of washing on the weekend is exactly the same as doing 5 loads of washing throughout the week.

Put the washing on as you get home from work or as you're cooking dinner and hang it out just as you go to bed. When you arrive home the next afternoon, take the clothes off the line before dark and put them away (and since you're washing every day, there won't be a lot to do). Little Amelia is my peg princess.. and loves to help!

2. Fold your washing as you take it off the line

Simple. Genius. This stops your clothes from getting wrinkled. If you're a non-ironer like me (sorry mum), then this will save you heaps of hassle. As you put things away, the process will be quick and easy.

3. Stack the dishwasher as you go and run it as you go to bed

It wasn't until we moved that we have enjoyed the amazingness of a dishwasher! Doing it as you go will eliminate clutter on the sink (and the clutter in your mind). Running it right at the end of the day, as you're about to go to bed does two great things. 1. It means that everything will be washed and not leftover on the sink until the morning and 2. Running the hot water later at night is far cheaper. And the things that can't go in the dishwasher? Well, there's not much leftover so it only takes 5 minutes to run those through the washing up water.

4. Unpack the dishwasher every morning

Easy. Then you're ready to start again straight away and pack all your breakfast gear away.

5. Sweep EVERY day

It's amazing how quick and easy this is when there is little to no dirt, because it's done everyday. I can now sweep my house in under 5 minutes. The WHOLE house.

6. Vacuum once a week

Pick a night and stick to it religiously. Mum's is always a Wednesday night (bless her). Don't forget to get into the corners!!

7. Clean your bathrooms once a week

I love doing the bathrooms. I can now have our ensuite and main bathroom done in half an hour. It feels great once it's done. Again.. pick a day and stick to it religiously. This is also when I change towels and sheets on the bed.

8. Get your child to help you pack away their toys every night

Never go to sleep with a messy toy area. When Amelia refuses to help me clean up her toys, I take that toy away for a little while. Thankfully she's a clean freak and loves to help!

9. Enlist the help of your man

C'mon ladies, this isn't a game that's just for us. And just like a 5 year old who craves praise just because he picked up someone else's rubbish and put it in the bin; the big boys like a bit of praise too. Trust me. Just flatter them. It's much easier than fighting about how much he doesn't actually do.

All in all.. that's about an hour a day. Of course there is more, but these are the things I do RELIGIOUSLY - All to avoid doing housework on a Sunday and being guilt-free. Ok now my gorgeous domestic goddesses... let's get busy. Where did I put that vacuum cleaner??