Art Brightens the Way with Jess Crawford

Aug 11, 2020
You may be familiar with the name Jess Crawford from my recent 2021 planner launch. Jess is the inspiring artist behind the abstract artwork on the cover of one of the 2021 planners.


Jess lives with her family in picturesque Crystal Brook, South Australia where she paints up a storm in her beautiful studio.
Jess’s  artworks bring brightness and light to the world with their vibrant colours and inspiring imagery.
Recently Jess has been using her artworks to bring objects to life too so that her clients can take that joy with them wherever they go. It is so important to see the beautiful colour in life that surrounds you and to feel that joy in your heart when you see it!


  • All about Jess, her life and her journey to becoming an artist
  • Jess's vision for her art and how is inspiring positivity through colour
  • How art has been therapeutic for Jess and beneficial to her mental health
  • How Jess's art featured on The Time Creator 2021 cover
  • Jess's time management tips
  • Jess's products and paintings including the launch of her 2021 calendar

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Jess's Website -

The Time Creator Planner - Click Here


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