The Importance of Be True to YOU

Mar 07, 2015

With the Internet at our fingertips every moment of the day, it’s impossible NOT to take notice of what everyone else is doing. It wasn’t until I opened an email from a colleague this week that I realised just how paralysed I have become in my own business. I’m so paralysed, that every time I have an ‘idea,’ it already seems so similar to something I’ve seen somewhere else... the language, the image, the message.
How do you know what is actually true to you if you can’t block out everyone else?

  • The thing about taking too much notice of what everyone else is doing is that it contaminates everything that you create, and compromises your authenticity. So, how do you stay authentic when there are so many other people's ideas in your face all the time? You HAVE to switch off. This is something that I am consciously aware of each day.

I come back to the foundation on which this little empire of mine is built. The foundation, which if compromised in any way, will see the rest of the building begin to sag, crumple and crack.

That foundation? It is me.

The ‘building’ that sits on top of me is only as solid as the foundation on which it’s built. When I am focussed, happy and efficient, then so are the other areas of my life. Practising self care is the first step to creating your authentic self and for me, this practise includes blocking all external messages. Self care is about nurturing yourself, reflecting and dreaming. It’s not about letting external things ‘contaminate’ and influence you and your ideas.

I find my authentic ideas through my self care. Ideas and concepts come to me when I have completely blocked out everything else and it’s important for me to record all of those ideas and work on them before opening any communication or social media. I have an entire beautifully covered book, reserved just for my ideas. Some I haven’t done anything with yet, but ones that are beautifully explained and dated, for later.

When I find myself being sucked in to what everyone else is doing, I stop. I walk away. There are thousands of people doing what I do online and there will always be some similarities.

But no one creates the way that I create. No one creates the way that YOU create.

We have to trust that whatever we create and however we create it, it has a purpose. That the world needs our words and our gifts. I have to accept that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a big cup to someone. Lots of someones. And it is only through being completely authentic that I will find those people. And so will you.

Just keep on being true to you.

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