I'm Sick, So Can't I Just Be Sick?

health & wellness self care Aug 08, 2014

Nobody likes being sick.

Sometimes sickness slowly kicks our arse for days or even weeks in the lead up to actually 'hitting' us. Or as I discovered this week, sometimes it only takes a few hours.

To cut a long story short, I left work early on Thursday and went via the hospital and went home with a diagnosis of acute tonsillitis, a sky high temperature and a handbag full of antibiotics.

Although I pretty much slept through Thursday afternoon and evening, it was Friday that stumped me. I had a whole day off at home to rest and get better. But do you think that I could? Yes, I did a lot of nothing. And yes, I felt like absolute crap and could barely move but it was while I lay there high on pain relief, that my mind couldn't rest. Not only was I bummed about missing out on a day's work and losing $350 odd towards our family's income for the week... I looked at the floor and saw that it needed vacuuming.

After around 40 mins of worrying about when I'd actually get that done, I rolled over and then looked at the cobwebs on the ceiling for a little while. That made me feel even less relaxed. A cup of tea would be nice, I thought at that time. So up I got and went to the kitchen and guess what? Because I'd been too sick to clean it the night before (and apparently there are no other people in our house who are willing or capable of doing it themselves) it was like a bomb had hit it too. I think you can see where I'm going with this. Things just started to grate on me.

I have this ridiculous condition where I am physically and mentally unable to relax until my surroundings are clean and decluttered. I'm not like this everywhere I go... but at home I am. And it sucks. All I wanted to do was stay at home, relax, enjoy the peace and quiet and concentrate on just getting well. But I couldn't. In the end, I dragged my sick self around the house, cleaning dishes, wiping benches, tidying toys, wiping surfaces and taking out garbage. This was all before 11am. I didn't have the physical strength to vacuum, but at least I could begin to relax a little bit after 11am.

So here's what I suggest. When we are sick and have to be away from work but refuse to relax in our own home we should be given two options. Firstly, a cleaner should come to the house and clean everything that needs doing. Then full relaxation can occur. Secondly, we should get checked into a 5 star hotel with access to all the trashy TV stations, a massage, endless cups of tea brought to us by room service and a neat and tidy room to relax in.

Now perhaps I may have written this blog a little differently I were well. But considering that I'm still unwell you are all getting the sooky, whiny version. I'll be checking into the Sheraton Mirage this evening.

Tash x