Creating Core Values for a Life You Love

self development Nov 03, 2020

On the podcast today, I'm chatting to one of the amazing Founding Members from my online membership, The Time Creator Momentum.

About my guest...

Mary Roper is a Founding Member of The Time Creator Momentum and a busy SAHM to three gorgeous children (including 2 year old twins). She has a Bachelor of Arts in History/Heritage major.

Mary is striving to spend more time with her family instead of being overwhelmed by disorganisation, while also dedicating time to herself and her own pursuits.

In this episode...

  • Why Mary decided to join The Time Creator Momentum and which elements she loves most about it
  • The importance of creating core values that align to the life you want
  • How living out of alignment with your core values creates overwhelm
  • Mary's process for creating her core values
  • How your phase of life may determine the values you choose
  • How choosing to live in alignment with your core values can create inner peace and calm

Links mentioned in this episode...

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