Creating Successful Learning Routines at Home

house & home scheduling time management Apr 28, 2020

It's that time of the year again when kids are returning to the classroom after their 2 week Easter break.... hang on a minute! No they're not!

If you're a parent of a child aged between 5 and 18, chances are that you've been facilitating remote learning at home towards the end of term one and are about to continue in this way for the next few weeks.

While some parents have loved this challenge, many have struggled with this transition too. Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine our children learning in this way, for so long.

As an educator AND parent myself, I am seeing both sides of these crazy times. When I'm on site at school I'm teaching and when I'm working remotely from home, I'm supporting my students and families, as well as teaching my own daughter by facilitating her remote learning timetable.

In this episode, I chat with fellow educator Tiffany from Inspire Learn Teach. We break down the different ways that you as a parent can set yourself and your children up for a successful day of learning from home. There are no two children who are the same, or learn the same and in this episode we acknowledge this along with the varying routines and systems that may be helpful to support our little learners during this time (while keeping you sane too).

About my guest

Tiffany is an early childhood specialist now working within the high school arena. She has followed children right from the start of their formal education, working within baby rooms in child care; right through to teaching senior subjects. She is passionate about working with parents to take the notion of child led learning from the fringes, and place it at the heart of life long learning. Through her website, Tiffany inspires mamas to find learning in play and works with them to build their child’s independence allowing mamas to not only make a coffee but to enjoy it HOT!

Key takeaways

  • How parents are feeling during this time and why acknowledging this is so important
  • The pace of learning in the classroom vs the pace of learning in the home environment
  • Creating a routine that suits your child's personality type
  • Why age appropriate attention spans are important to consider
  • Helping your child set priorities
  • Visual timetables and recognition of completion of tasks
  • What teachers want you to know

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