Just Eat the Frog!

Apr 08, 2014

I was first introduced to the idea to 'eat the frog' by my mentor and friend Jo Karabin, CEO and founder of Australian party plan company PASH in 2009. As a national manager for PASH,  I had built a successful team of around about 75 consultants. The job wasn't so much about direct selling, as it was about juggling personalities.

On one afternoon I received a heated phone call from a local businessman to complain about one of my consultants. I had to investigate his allegations and return his call to attempt a resolution.

I was PETRIFIED of making that phone call.

100% pants-shitting petrified.

One heated conversation had been more than my emotions could handle. There was NO way that I could do it, so I kept procrastinating. After a week or so, I rang Jo for some advice. And here is what she told me:


I didn't understand... I thought she was trivialising my issue. But then she explained.
She said, "If you were locked in a room with a living green tree frog, and you absolutely had to eat it before midnight... When would you eat it?" The thought of eating that poor green tree frog devastated and repulsed me. So I answered honestly, with the response that 99% of people give... "11:59pm." Her response: "Why put something off until the last minute, when all you're going to do all day is worry about it? Why not just eat the frog now and get it over with? You'll feel so much better."

It smacked me between the eyes.

When you have a task to do that you're not looking forward to (the kind of task that will follow you around and create anxiety until it is done and make you feel crappy); DO IT NOW. Get it done. Out of the way.

This statement really hit home to me. It resonated with me and it is a lesson that I will never forget. So I'm passing it on to you now.

So what are you procrastinating about? Maybe it's an awkward phone call. Maybe it's a project at work. Maybe it's a uni assignment. Maybe it's something that needs doing around the house.

Whatever your frog is.... EAT IT NOW! You will feel as though a weight has been lifted off your chest. And it means that the rest of your day will be productive and purposeful. Go forth and be fabulous (and productive)!!
Tash xx


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