3 Daily Tasks We Should do to Feel in Control

Jul 22, 2017

We are busy people!

It doesn’t matter how organised we feel, we are still masters of the circus, juggling and trying to run the whole show externally as we run a second story internally, planning and preparing for everyone else. Tough gig. It's hard to feel in control when your mind is spinning!

At times it’s easy to fall down, forget about ourselves and fall into an exhausted heap at the end of everyday, knowing that we have to get up and do it all over again tomorrow. I sit here writing this in my PJs and feeling super unmotivated today. I know why. I know why I’m in this mood. It’s because I haven’t followed my own advice.

You see, you can’t gain control of the things around you simply by trying to control the things around you. It starts with taking control of yourself. When you’ve got a strong control over your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self then you can manage the environment around you with more stability and certainty.

The way in which you choose to start your day will determine how well you manage your day. It's all part of The Calm Mum Movement. And it has nothing to do with how much coffee or wine you drink (although I highly recommend both haha).

Plan Ahead

When your eyes flick open in the morning, you should already have a game plan. You should already know where and with whom your scheduled appointments are with, where your children need to be, what you’ll be cooking for dinner and your top priorities for the day.

The best time to plan these things is before you go to sleep. Waking up without planning is like waking up in a pit of snakes. You’ll experience adrenalin, panic, uncertainty and the overwhelm of trying to think and create a plan as the slimy little things slide all over you. Stress much?

Tip – Take 10 mins every evening to plan the following day. My diary, The Time Creator is purposefully set up for busy mums to plan their day purposefully. There truly is no other diary on the market like this!

Shower & Brush your Teeth

I can’t stress this enough! A shower is like a cleanse. It’s a place of relaxation. It’s also a wonderful place to practice gratitude and run over your game plan for the day.

Fresh teeth = fresh outlook. You can truly take on anything once you’re feeling fresh and clean.

This may mean getting up 10 minutes earlier, but it is SO worth it.

Get Dressed for the Day

Right now, I’m using my dressing gown as a jumper and I know for sure that it is affecting my day already. Heck, I could probably have written this much better if I wasn’t in this dressing gown. But for now it’s warm. I will publish this blog post and then scrutinise it for days, wishing I’d written in without my dressing gown on. Weird. But true.

Dress for success. You don’t have to be wearing a power suit everyday. That’s not the point. But certainly fresh, clean clothes that make you feel good.

These are 3 simple things to do, but I guarantee that they are 3 simple things that will change your whole day. You will feel in control of yourself and as a result, in control of the environment around you.

Now, go forth and enjoy your day!


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