The Amazing Truth about Feeling Disheartened

Nov 30, 2017

For most women, running a business is quite a personal journey. We tend to apply strategies to our sales, marketing and communication that are very heart-centered and although we run our businesses to make money, we also run them because they light us up in some way. It gives us joy. It brings excitement and fulfilment beyond the dollars themselves.

We ride the highs. But when we fall, we fall hard. And to be honest, we are pretty hard on ourselves when that (inevitably) happens. There’s a lot of humility in falling hard. It’s bloody tough when we become disheartened in our business. Perhaps something hasn’t gone to plan or we didn’t succeed as gloriously as we thought we would at something. Feeling disheartened is a lonely, bitterly disappointing, aching pain. I know. I’ve been there too. So many times.

On one of my most recent experiences of falling hard, I reflected deeply on how it was affecting my business and realised something really significant.

Feeling disheartened was simply the universe reassuring me that I’m on the right path.

No one cares deeply about missing out on things they don't really want. Therefore, if I wasn’t feeling disheartened about it then I must not have cared deeply enough about it in the first place. So, in a way, feeling disheartened was the best way for the universe to grab my attention (because I’m busy as hell) to remind me that THIS was worth continuing and striving for.

At the end of the day, we don’t pursue the things that we don’t care deeply about.
If you’re feeling disheartened by a perceived failure, or falling short, or not achieving (yet) then just remember… THIS IS A GOOD THING. You are on the right track. You will get there.

… and I say IF…

  • You demonstrate resilience.
  • Acknowledge your emotions.
  • Recognise that you feel disheartened.
  • Then look up at the horizon in front of you (those longer-term goals) and take a step forwards in that direction.
  • Pick yourself up and refocus yourself.
  • Make a new plan.
  • Create a new pathway.
  • Try something new and scary.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Call on your support network.

Because you’ve got this.

Don’t you kind of feel sorry for the people who never feel disheartened about anything?

I do.


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