Health & Fitness Hacks for Busy Mums

health & wellness podcast guests self care Jan 20, 2020

Having children changes a lot of things and fitness is no exception. My guest today is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating fitness programs to suit busy mums because she KNOWS that it's not always possible to spend 60 minutes a day at the gym getting in the ultimate workout.

Instead, Nikki is all about intentional, incidental fitness... health and fitness that can be integrated into the everyday activities that we as mums, juggle. Suddenly, movement and fitness seems possible and manageable.

If you have been wanting to incorporate more movement and fitness into your busy days without feeling like you need to spend an hour at the gym, then this episode is for you!

About my guest...

Nikki Knieriem is a mother of 2 young boys and the owner of Mum-Me Fit Time, a fitness and health coaching business that specialises in providing mums with personalised health and fitness plans, online. Nikki is a qualified personal trainer and has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. In 2017 she turned her focus to working specifically with mums with a focus on pre and post natal fitness. This came about as Nikki discovered through her own journey that mums often struggle to exercise as they focus on all other things mumlife.

When not running around after her children Nikki loves to go out for breakfast, catch up with friends and is currently training for a half marathon through the Blue Mountains!

Key takeaways

  • Nikki’s journey in health and fitness and her transition into working with pre and post natal fitness
  • How being a mother changes your health and fitness routines
  • Myths around our bodies ‘bouncing back’ after pregnancy
  • Using time chunks to access fitness routines
  • Ways to set up your fitness plan
  • Intentional, incidental fitness

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