Holistic Sleep Strategies for You & Your Family

health & wellness May 04, 2021

Today I’m chatting with holistic sleep consultant Georgina Windebank about all things sleep!

Sleep is my absolute favourite part of the day and I’m super passionate about getting good quality sleep as part of our self care routines. In this episode Georgina unpacks how getting good quality sleep for the whole family can positively impact our lives.

Georgina’s background is in naturopathy where she spent six years working in a corporate naturopathic sales rep role. She has had soooo much experience in this area and through this, was lead specifically to the journey of sleep.

Georgina believes that having a baby that sleeps means that the whole family unit sleeps better, is generally happier!

In this episode you’ll hear Georgina share with us the role of a holistic sleep consultant, the benefits of sleep for the whole family and her top 3 tips for promoting positive sleep at home.

You can find Georgina at the Holistic Sleep Project on FacebookInstagram and on her website.