How to Live Slow

health & wellness podcast guests self care self development Mar 02, 2020

Slow living is the new way to live the old way. Purposeful. Fulfilling. Intentional. With ease.

About my guest

In today's episode, I chat with Rachelle Glendon from How to Live Slow - a Youtube channel (and soon to be podcast) designed to help modern mums find the antidote to overwhelm and instead create the intentionally slower family life of their dreams. Rachelle is a qualified life coach, reformed busy-holic and mum to 2 boys. She's obsessed with personal transformation and believes that slowing down is as easy, and as hard, as making different choices and creating new habits.

Key takeaways

  • What is slow living?
  • Working ourselves to the bone
  • Structured vs unstructured time
  • Letting things come to you naturally
  • How technology is impacting our ability to disconnect and live slow
  • Making active, disciplined choices
  • Self care in slow living
  • Tips for busy women who want to embrace slower living
  • Why you feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed on holidays
  • Our parents and grandparents lived the original slow living lifestyle

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