How to Make Friends With Time

Sep 27, 2016

How to make friends with time...

My heart thumped louder than the clock ticked. Time, time, time. With every passing second I became further behind with the tasks I’d set for the day. There became a moment where I felt that I’d collapsed on the hamster wheel and instead of running with it, I was being pulled; attached to the wheel as gravity held me there, spinning around and around. I felt totally out of control and overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

This honestly used to happen to me a lot and if I can be totally honest, there are fleeting moment of time when now, this still happens (if I'm not careful). Pre-baby, my relationship with time wasn't overly relevant. But post-baby, I felt like time hated me. Of course, I was being totally ridiculous. It took me a long while to understand that time wasn’t against me. Time didn’t disappear quicker for me than it did for others. Time wasn’t holding me hostage. Time actually wanted to be my friend all along.

The truth is that once I became more acquainted with time, the more we got along. After a little while, time introduced me to its friend, scheduling. I used to think that scheduling was boring… Gee I was mean! We’re actually best friends now and she’s NOT boring at all. She’s actually a great friend and time, scheduling and I have become super close. Our friendship is better than ever.

Scheduling has taught me many important things about time like how there really IS enough time in the day to get everything done that I NEED to; and that there’s also enough time for me to do what I WANT to do. It taught me that there’s enough space for my work, my passions, my family and most importantly, myself in each day. But above all else, it’s taught me that:

What gets scheduled, gets done.

And it really is that simple.

I can't tell you how many times I would put myself last so that everything else could get done. Things like housework, preparation for work and running errands. In an average day (usually after a day at work) I would feel so depleted and exhausted that I'd fall in a heap, then get up the next day and do it all over again. The great life/business/motherhood juggling act was hard and rarely worth complaining about.

Hell, I was usually too exhausted to complain anyway. It took me a while to realise that putting myself first and TAKING CONTROL of my life and my time should be my priority, so that I could manage everything better and give all areas of my life my absolute best. And that's what I've done. I create time.

I'm not secretive and I’d like to share the tool I use that helps me to schedule in all things life, business and motherhood.

The Time Creator

The Time Creator is more than just a diary. It is a tool that helps me to plan purposefully for every day. It combines the best of a daily schedule and to-do list with a life planner, allowing me to track important goals and habits such as income, bills, household duties and health and wellness including self-care. For many years I had struggled to ensure that I kept everything in check however this tool helps me to ensure that I am on-purpose and most importantly, that I take great action towards my goals and dreams.

This diary used to exist only in my scattered brain and on loose-leaf paper, but now it is a true creation and it is available for all to use.

To find out a bit more about The Time Creator you can click here.

You too can make friends with time. I promise. xx


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