Low Tox Living

house & home systems & routines Sep 08, 2020

This week on the podcast I'm talking to Rachel Deutscher from The Lavender Collective, about all things low tox living.

Rachel shares her story of how living a low tox lifestyle has improved all areas of her family's health and how making conscious decisions about the products that she uses, and the positive impact this has on herself and her children.


Rachel is a Young Living wellness advocate and home detox specialist. She has a passion to help families rid their homes of harmful toxic chemicals from cleaning products to skin care and replace them with beautiful plant based products including essential oils, and things from your pantry or garden.

Rachel lives in the northern rivers, NSW with her hubby and four kids aged from 10 down to 2 years. When she’s not homeschooling or postering around in her attempt at a permaculture garden setup or buying yet another succulent, she’s investing into her private members online community of like minded families through conversations, webinars and workshops. She is particularly proud of the beautiful community of mostly women  (but a few men too!) that has grown out of this collective passion to live kinder to ourselves and the environment. 



  • Where Rachel lives and what her lifestyle is like
  • What a typical day looks like in Rachel's home as she juggles home schooling and running her business
  • What low tox living is and why she is so passionate about it
  • How Rachel got started in low tox living
  • Everyday products that we should be aware of, that contain more chemicals than we realise!
  • The app you must download
  • Where we can find Rachel online

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