Meal Planning Made Easy

house & home planning podcast guests systems & routines Jun 30, 2020

Today's episode is with Ange Sibley from Ever So Homely and we are talking all things MEAL PLANNING! This is a topic that I'm super passionate about and if you follow me on the socials, you'll know that meal planning is one of those things that saves my butt day in and day out. 

Now although I'm an avid meal planner, Ange really kicks things up a notch in this episode. Not only does she talk about meal planning, she shares her secrets about bulk cooking, freezer meals and repurposing food across several meals! 

About my guest...

Ange Sibley is the ultimate homemaker and your HOW TO girl for all things home. She aims to help, inspire and motivate her followers to transform spaces in the home to make it... Ever So Homely.

Ange believes it makes such a difference to our lives and mindset when we reduce the amount of clutter around the home and in turn, making it a place we love!

Ange focuses on home improvements with a DIY approach with lots of tutorials, blogs, and videos to help you gain confidence on the tools. If the tools aren't for you, not to worry, you will find some great inspiration to decorate, declutter, and organise your home with the help from Ange!

Not only that, Ange LOVES to cook and has a love for bulk freezer cooking. She has recently created an ultimate organisation e-book to make your time more intentional in the Kitchen! MEAL PLAN MADE EASY. By using this step by step guide, you can save money and time, re-purpose meals, and it also includes all of the templates you will need to get meal planning off the ground! 

By making small changes in the home will have a big impact on the life you live!

Key Takeaways!

  • About Ange, her family and her journey to creating a beautiful home
  • Ange's favourite DIY projects to date (check them out on her Instagram)
  • All the details about Ange's new eBook Meal Planning Made Easy
  • The benefits of meal planning for you and your family
  • The process of meal planning and how there's no one size fits all approach
  • The basics of creating a meal plan
  • Ange's top 3 tips for people wanting to get started in meal planning
  • Where we can find Ange online (see below)

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Get Ange's eBook, Meal Planning Made Easy - PURCHASE HERE & use the code TIMECREATOR for 15% off until July 31st 2020.