Never Stop Dreaming

Apr 05, 2014

I never stop dreaming.

I am one of those people who constantly have a million ideas buzzing through their mind at once.

Not all brilliant ideas... and quite a few ri-donk-ulous ones too.

I have succeeded in setting amazing business goals that are achievable and attainable and... well... safe :-(

I know I can achieve them in time. Every time I set these goals, I think to myself, "if I can achieve these goals and get my shit (my processes) sorted out, THEN I'll be able to focus on getting bigger and better. I fear I've done it all around the wrong way.

You see, this is where working from a home-based business can really SUCK. I have no colleagues to bounce my ideas off. No one to say "that's a great idea" or "have you thought about doing..." But that's ok... I have my husband. Right?

Tim is an amazing backbone to my business. He created (and maintains) my incredible website. He processes pays, completes BAS statements, uses MYOB to keep our accounts strong and can sort out any problem to do with our email systems that arise.

He also doesn't believe in the word 'magical' or 'dream'. He is sensible. He is frugal and he is the place where all of my brilliant, slightly unachievable ideas go to die. He is pretty much the opposite to me.

Just today, he told me to 'stop dreaming'. I understand that I get a little carried away... but really? I felt a little squashed at that point.

But where would we be without dreaming? Dreaming allows us to explore a time and place that doesn't exist yet. It gives us hope that things can be greater and better. It calms us when feel as though there is no way forward.

Dreaming for me is how I style my life. And look where it has gotten me so far... I've checked a lot of things off my 'me list' and I'm only 30.

What are your dreams and aspirations?


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