The Personality Trait That’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams

Sep 08, 2017

I’m a big dreamer. I constantly seem to have a second story playing in the background of my brain, visualising the future. Perhaps you could say that I’m always optimistically painting my future and planting seeds for the universe to scoop up and plant on the road ahead.

Does dreaming work? Ummmm hell yes. I’ve designed my life just the way I like it (and it’s only going to get better).

As an educator, I work with people every day who present to me their best ideas and plans for their future. These are people who dream big, even when uncertain of how they’ll actually pull it off. But they’re optimistic and excited.

And you know what? Some of these people WOW me, and others don’t surprise me at all. You see, when it comes to making dreams come true and kicking some serious goals, there are two types of personalities.

The Gunnas and the Dunnas

The Dunnas get shit done.
They are the people who choose one of their wild dreams and turn it into a goal. A goal that has ambition, purpose, a deadline and a series of tasks that are actionable. Then, they get busy taking action.

The Gunnas? Well, they seem to talk over and over about what they want to do and achieve. They have a certain longing tone in their voice when they talk about it (whereas Dunnas have a very urgent and somewhat aspirational tone in their voice).
The Gunnas seem to repeat their plans in this vague, longing manner every time you see them and they have the same dream months or even years later. Their goals usually recur every month and never get achieved.

The reason?
Well, reasons?

Firstly, Gunnas aren’t serious enough about chasing their dreams, often thinking that the end result will magically appear and fall into their laps (and blame anyone and everyone when it doesn’t).

They don’t reach out, take that dream and fully commit to it. They take a very lazy approach to achieving their dreams.

You will hear them say “I’m gunna do blah blah” rather than saying “I will do blah blah” (which the dunnas do).

They will often play down their lack of achievement through very practical and meaningful excuses, with nothing more than just a little flicker of hope that maybe next month it might happen.

They’ll often make sketchy plans on paper and then feel good enough about doing this that they take no further action. The cycle just continues.

We know how good it feels to achieve our actions and tick them off our to-do list. Gunnas are rarely able to do this and they are the people who often feel the most overwhelmed and out of time.

So, what do Dunnas do that Gunnas won't?
Take action and practice reflection.

Anyone can dream big. Anyone can set a goal. Anyone can plan. But it’s the Dunnas that actually take that goal and those plans and begin taking action.

Not only do they start taking consistent action towards achieving their goal, they regularly stop and reflect on how they are going. They regularly check that they’re on track and assess their progress, willingly changing plans if required.

You’ll often find Dunnas hanging out with other Dunnas (with a few hopeful Gunnas hanging onto the fragile edges of the peer group on the odd occasion) because don’t forget, we are the product of the five people we spend the most time with.

How do you become a dunna?

Firstly, take yourself seriously. Acknowledge that you deserve to have all of your dreams come true. But recognise that you have to put in the hard work and action if you really want to get there.

Secondly, stop making excuses. Every time you say “ I was gunna, but I….” no one can take you seriously. Not even yourself. Anyway, excuses are for 3 years olds who draw on walls and don’t do what they’re asked.

Lastly, remind yourself that you can do this. Choose a dream. Make it a goal. Create a list of actions that will get you there and then JUST START.

Start, and be consistent.

And if you realise that your dream no longer serves you? Then redesign the actions, or begin working on a new dream.

So, are you a gunna or a dunna?

Go and get busy!

PS Can you believe that my ex-husband constantly used to refer to me as a gunna? Pffft. Clearly he never knew me very well and didn't deserve a place in my big dreams future.

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