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podcast guests systems & routines Oct 08, 2019

Have you ever wanted to just stop, take a breath and redesign your life? By redesign I don't mean change everything... I mean, tweak it and style it to suit exactly where you're at and to help you grow into the life you desire? My guest today has done just this.

After her second child and feeling torn between her exciting career and flourishing online business, Krystal made some bold changes and decisions in partnership with her husband to create the life that they truly desired.

About my guest

Krystal is a 30 something mother of two spirited kids and wife to one super-hot man (her words). She has over 10 years’ experience as an Advanced Care Paramedic, a job she loves but finds her creative flair in her businesses and writing.
Owning now 5 websites, and working on her upcoming book release, Krystal is a self-confessed workaholic who knows how to play to her strengths and outsource her weaknesses. She also believes almost any problem can be solved with coffee and donuts!

Key Takeaways

  • How Krystal has redesigned her life to make her dreams a reality
  • The power of having a vision, even when you have no idea what you’re really doing
  • How blogging helped Krystal find herself
  • Finding what you’re good at and working more in your zone of genius
  • How outsourcing can dramatically change your time management and productivity
  • The types of tasks that you can start outsourcing in your business AND home
  • The moment Krystal decided to start a blog and how she got started
  • Krystal’s vision for her blogs and business, going forward
  • How Krystal found herself among wearing her many hats as a mum, employee, blogger etc
  • The moment Krystal realised that blogging had the potential to be a viable income
  • How Krystal creating a leveraged income from her bed
  • How Krystal has redesigned her work and life to continue with her day job AND pursue her business dreams
  • How Krystal convinced her husband to job share in their government job
  • How Krystal manages and outsources things outside of her zone of genius
  • The exact process Krystal used to find a Virtual Assistant
  • Outsourcing home-related tasks
  • How Krystal and her husband manage their joint calendar and plan together
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