Remaining Productive When Working From Home

business house & home podcast guests productivity systems & routines Jun 01, 2021

Join me as we chat to productivity coach Hollie Barac about all things maintaining productivity when working from home.
Whether you're temporarily working from home thanks to COVID, or you run your full or part time business from home, this episode will inspire you to create an epic workspace and get busy doing all the important things... minus the stress!
In this episode, Hollie tells us:
  • All about her family and what her job as a productivity coach entails
  • What being productive means
  • What a typical day as a work at home biz chick looks like'
  • How she sets up her physical work environment within her home
  • How she manages to get work done without succumbing to distractions
  • The main productivity techniques she uses
  • Her top 3 productivity tips for YOU as you navigate working from home (See below)

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Hollie's Tips for Staying Productive

1. Set realistic expectations for your day including one priority for self, home and business

2. Clean your workspace at the end of the day and reset it for tomorrow

3. Write your realistic expectations the night before and try and tick one off before you go to bed