The Power of 15 Minutes

productivity self care self development Feb 02, 2020

The power of 15 minutes is REAL people!

It isn't a long time but when used correctly, it can create a massive shift in your to-do list, resulting in less stress or overwhelm. My guest today shares her wisdom around the 15 minutes of wonder and the success that she has experienced by implementing this into her life.

About my guest

Natalie Moore is a marathon running mum who has been on a personal adventure of growth and transformations over the last few years.

Natalie found herself stuck in life, completely lost in her identity and constantly yearning for more than the constant rushing syndrome, the never ending to-do list and the working mum juggle.

She set herself a life goal in early 2016 to address this stuck feeling and so her adventure started. Today she works as a mindset coach in her own business, Be Moore, and is now living her passion and purpose, supporting other women to forge their own happy path.

Key takeaways

  • Her journey to becoming a mindset and wellness coach
  • The importance that mindset and wellness has to women and the main contributors to women experiencing unrest in these areas
  • The concept of the 15 minutes of wonder and the benefits of tapping into the power of 15 min time chunks

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