Time Management Hacks for Ambitious Mums

podcast guests productivity systems & routines time management Dec 03, 2019

In this podcast episode I chat with Leah Macdonald from Mummy Wears Prada all about self, motherhood and time management hacks for ambitious mums. If you're a mum in business, then this episode is for YOU!

About my guest

Systems queen. Personal growth junkie. Mindset hacker. Financial nerd. Pilates & chilli chocolate lover.

Leah Macdonald helps women to create more choice in their lives. Choice to create room to breathe. Choice, to give power.

Leah has met so many women who feel stuck and disempowered... who feel like they have to choose between being an amazing mother, and fulfilling their own personal goals.

After 15 years of being at the beck and call of clients, banks & solicitors - even as a business owner in the financial industry - Leah was craving the freedom to be the hands-on, present mum she so desperately wanted to be. This is what Mummy Wears Prada is all about - A platform to inspire, connect and empower women.

She says that because we gain a new title of mum, doesn't mean we no longer have dreams and aspirations for ourselves. Lots of things change when we become mothers. Ambition doesn't have to be one of them.

Key Takeaways

  • Leah's journey from corporate to business
  • Being displaced by motherhood in our own journey
  • Accepting the season you're in
  • The power of personal development
  • Managing your business when you have small children
  • Scheduling, organisation, planning - this is how to make it work
  • How to look at your week as a whole for effective planning and scheduling
  • Time blocking & brain dumping
  • How small actions compound into success
  • Hour of power & time chunking
  • Knowing what your priorities are and working on those first
  • Simple systems will set you free!
  • How the universe tests what we really want!
  • Creating a vision that will sustain you
  • Foggy visions

Links mentioned in this episode

Leah's website - www.mummywearsprada.com
Leah's Facebook - www.facebook.com/mummywearsprada
Leah's Instagram - www.instagram.com/mummywearsprada and www.instagram.com/mummywearsprada.inc
The Time Creator Community - www.facebook.com/groups/timecreatorcommunity
The Time Creator Planner - www.tashguthrie.com.au/the-time-creator