Trusting Your Vision

Jan 06, 2020

Have you ever felt unsure of your direction? 

Or been so confused by the opportunities that present themselves at the most random times? Or images and ideas that appear but you're unsure why?

This is the case for my guest today, Jess Connor.

Jess attended my first vision board workshop back in 2016 and instead of walking out with a carefully curated vision board full of her niche business area and focus, she walked out with a somewhat confusing collection of visual images that made absolutely no sense to her.

Fast forward 4 years and Jess is living inside that vision board.

In this episode of the podcast, Jess opens up about this process and the series of events that presented themselves to her to get her to where she is today.


About my guest...

The call of the flowers has always been strong for Jess Connor. From crafting floral gifts as a young girl, to work experience in a florist as a teenager, the path was always clear.

Over the last 12 years, has Jess soaked in the wisdom of leaders in floristry, permaculture and horticulture. She is a woman who grows and creates with incredible heart, soul and integrity.

Along the way, her love for fresh dahlias awakened a vision of owning her own flower farm where she could design with locally grown blooms.

Sculpting breathtaking botanical designs was just the beginning.

From humble beginnings as an award winning retail and wedding florist and designer, she’s now living the dream planting, growing, and designing amongst a community of like-minds on The Farm in the Byron Bay hinterland;

creating beautiful bridal blooms for weddings, and teaching others about the sustainable, slow flower movement, one seed at a time.

I am so thrilled and beyond excited to welcome my dear friend Jess Connor to the podcast.


Key takeaways...

  • How Jess got started in floristry
  • The transition from having an award winning floristry business in a shop front, to working from a home studio and juggling business with babies
  • The vision board workshop that confused Jess and created the epic foggy vision that she is now living
  • The missed opportunities, seeds of vision and taps from the universe
  • Starting her business at The Farm at Byron Bay
  • How Jess feels looking back at her vision and realising that she is living inside her vision board
  • The power of creating a vision and why you need to trust the process


Links mentioned in this episode...

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I couldn't help but share...

Jess is barefoot and grounded, on the far left ;-)


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