Wearing Multiple Hats, with Grace

podcast guests self development May 26, 2020

If you know any of those women who just seem to be able to 'do it all', and wondered how they do it.... this is the episode for you!

In this podcast interview, I chat with Rebekka Battista about how she manages the multi-faceted demands of life, motherhood and work.

About my guest

Rebekka Battista, a local Lismore girl who currently is the Our Kids Fundraising Coordinator. Based at the Lismore Base Hospital, Rebekka has been instrumental in raising awareness about the need to improve the health services for our children in the Northern Rivers area and the importance of raising funds with the help of the local community, she has inturn raised the funds to purchase $2 million of paediatric equipment for our local hospitals. Rebekka is passionate about building community and giving back.

Also a qualified chef Rebekka along with her husband ran the Left Bank for 12 years, and a mother of two boy Isaak and Nathan, Rebekka also has studied with Youth With A Mission in Sydney and Denver ,Colorado.

Rebekka is also Director, Secretary and Fund Raiser for Our House which is a $5.6 million 20 unit purpose built accommodation for cancer patients, families and their children who come to Lismore for treatment.

Rebekka is one of the Pastors at Centre Church and heads up the Women’s Ministry at as well as on the Eldership team of Centre Church and a leader in the music team, plays piano on team and preaches. She has also ran the Beautiful program which is a value based course run in Lismore High Schools and is organised the Combined Churches of Lismore for 5 years. Rebekka has served both in Nepal and Uganda helping to build orphanages.

  • Rebekka has served on many boards including:
  • A Past Director of Summerland Credit Union.
  • Current Director of Summerland Christian School and Hinterland Christian School
  • Current Director of Our House

Rebekka and her husband Gianpiero also have a network marketing business based on Health products and their motto is to Live Life Well, Body , Soul and spirit.

Most recently Rebekka had the privileged of giving one of her kidneys to her son Isaak…. Both of which as doing well.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about Rebekka's journey and how she came to wear multiple hats
  • Why Rebekka has chosen the roles she has, and how they came about
  • Why delegation is so important and how Rebekka delegates effectively
  • How to recharge and take time out when you're busy
  • Rebekka's top 3 tips for women who wear multiple hats
  • How to schedule for success, to manage your roles and nurture yourself
  • Rebekka's tips for women who would like to take on new roles and responsibilities
  • How the five languages can transform the success of your relationships

Links mentioned in this episode

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