What Mums REALLY Want for Mother's Day

health & wellness May 06, 2017

Tim forgot all about my first Mother’s Day #heartbroken

It was the first REAL Mother’s Day for me (because up until then I’d only been a “cat-mum”) and I remember waking up on Mother’s Day and seeing pictures of my Mother’s Group friends on Facebook enjoying breakfast in bed, getting framed photos of their kids and other amazing things like jewellery and a sleep in. I was sure that he had something magnificent planned for later in the day, so I said nothing and we got on with what was just another ordinary day with a newborn.

A few hours later we were roaming through the shopping centre and I commented on a baking dish I thought was pretty. “Would you like it?” he asked. He went in a purchased the dish and came back out to me and said “here, Happy Mother’s Day” and handed me the plastic bag.

You can just imagine just how special it was.

Fast forward five years and let me assure you that he sucks a lot less at Mother’s Day now. I know for a fact (and by “fact” I mean through my 5-year old’s oversharing) that there had been some Mother’s Day preparation started weeks before the big day! Hallelujah. He’s come a long way.

When recently reflecting on this story, I couldn’t help but wonder….

What do mums REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

So as not to be biased, I asked the mums in my community this question and although their answers varied, there was one main commonality that every single mum wanted for Mother’s Day:


The gifts themselves came in many forms. But at the end of the day, it seems that what every mum REALLY wants for Mother’s Day is to have thought put into her and the day itself.

Most mums described physical gifts as being nice to receive, but for most, it really came down to what happens on Mother’s Day that matters most.

Here’s a list of the specifics….

  • An uninterrupted sleep in – No noise, no breakfasts to be made (or cleaned up)… just blissful body clock magic. Ahhh.
  • A bubble bath – Without someone needing to know where something is, dobbing on their sibling or showing her a new tiny scratch on their skin which will surely result in sudden death at any moment. Add some relaxing music, Netflix or a glass of wine and I’m pretty sure this would be heaven to most mums.
  • To have all the kids together for the day – It’s the simple things. Once kids become teenagers or move out of home, getting them together for a period can be challenging. Mums love nothing more than to have everyone together.
    No fighting or arguing – Simple right? Hahahaha. No sibling arguments, fights or tantrums. Just peace. (By the way, if anyone actually gets this, please let me know and I will celebrate with you).
  • A getaway with the family – Not necessarily a mini holiday, but just a day out where everyone can hang out together and spend quality time together. Time together without responsibilities or the nags of everyday life interfering.
    Breakfast in bed – Except not in bed #becausecrumbs and with no dishes to do afterwards.
  • No housework – And by ‘no housework’ we mean ‘someone else to do what needs doing, without having to be asked.’ No mum wants to spend the day doing no housework, only to wake up to twice the amount on Monday morning.
  • Time out – Yep, the complete opposite to having family around. Time on her own without interruptions or to do something social with her friends (who have also conveniently managed to get some time for themselves). Take the kids to the park for a couple of hours or hire a babysitter for an hour or so. Treat her to a facial or pedicure. Let her relish in her own peaceful company!
  • A gift she’s ASKED for – A lot of the mums I surveyed had some very specific gift ideas such as Peter Alexander PJ’s, a Makita power drill or a specific Pandora charm. Forget the cheesy, token, cookie-cutter Mother’s Day items that Kmart or Big W have spent weeks preparing and displaying in the two allocated aisles for Mother’s Day. We don’t want that shit. We want you to listen and shop personally for us.
  • Handmade gifts -  Mums love the handmade gifts made at day care and school. Yes, every mum in the class will get the same thing, but no other child will have made it with the same amount of love and effort as their child did, for them.
    Lasting memories – Deep down, every mum is sentimental. Framed family photos or even a gift certificate for a family photo shoot are always winners!


All are considerate of what Mother’s Day should really be about. Showing love, thanks and appreciation to a bloody hard job.

Every single gift on this list has a massive amount of thought, empathy, love, respect and appreciation intertwined in it.

Mums, is there someone in your life who really needs to read this? Please forward it on to them.