Where does all my time go?

podcast guests time management Apr 06, 2021

When the days and weeks seem to fly, it’s no wonder that we end up scratching our heads and asking ourselves where on earth the time has gone.

In this episode I chat to Yvette Sitters about how she audited and reflected upon how she uses her time in order to better manage her self, her tasks and her life.

The full process of conducting a time audit is available as an eCourse inside The Time Creator Momentum, my online membership. You can check that out at www.tashguthrie.com.au/membership

What does a time audit entail?

Yvette breaks this down in GREAT DETAIL in this episode, but in short the time audit asks you to track how you spend your time, in short time intervals and then reflecting upon how we have used our time and checking whether it’s in alignment with how we WANT to be using it.


About today’s guest…

Yvette Sitters is a Gold Coast Mum of 2 little girls aged 6 and 3 and she is the proud owner and creator of Manage My Wedding, Australia’s #1 ranked App for wedding Planning in the Apple App Store. Yvette created Manage My Wedding once she had her first baby as she really couldn’t imagine working 70 hours per week in the wedding industry with a baby in tow.

Creating Manage My Wedding has enabled Yvette to orchestrate a working life that works in harmony with her family life while providing a constant source of inspiration to her two young daughters. Her goal is to support other Mum’s in business so that they too can reach their goals. Yvette does this through selling other Business Mum’s products in her store and surrounding herself with brilliant Mum’s who she contracts work out too.

Yvette has a deep love for early mornings, organising and lists and her husband would say it’s a crazy obsession. Yvette loves the comfort of her home but when not home will be found at the beach or trying a new local barista.

Yvette believes happiness is always right in front of us if we slow down enough to feel it and recognise it.