Work/Life Harmony vs Work/Life Balance

planning productivity systems & routines time management Sep 10, 2019

What IS work/life balance and is it REALLY what we want? In today’s episode I am unpacking the concept of work/life balance and exploring the concept of work/life harmony as a natural and intentional way of living. I will unpack the five key pillars of work/life harmony and inspire you to begin thinking about how these pillars fit into your life too.

Key Takeaways

  • How work/life harmony differs to work/life balance
  • What the five key pillars of work/life harmony are
  • Highlights
  • How our roles as women has changed from previous generations & the implications of this
  • How I nearly fell into the trap of wanting work/life balance
  • The most DANGEROUS word we can use in our everyday lives
  • How harmony differs to balance
  • How being present and having gratitude in your roles can create harmony
  • What to do if there’s an area of your life that is no longer serving you or creating joy
  • The five key pillars of work/life harmony
  • The one action you can take every day to help you get shit done
  • Hear a text message come through from my mum because I forgot to put my phone on silent

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