Would I recognise me now?

Apr 01, 2014

When I look at the girl in the picture, I can honestly say I wouldn't recognise her if I passed her in the street. Or maybe I would, in an envious way. The spring in her step and smile on her face is a dead give-away... a give-away that she is carefree.

She’s only 25. I'm 30.

That woman? She has no time limits. She can hang out with friends all day long, drink as much champagne as she likes and she has all the time in the world to explore new hobbies.

She gets over 10 hours sleep a night, and when she doesn't it’s probably by choice. I'm lucky to get around 7.

Don’t get me wrong… she is BUSY too. Pffft. Who am I kidding?? She doesn't know what busy is at 25. Busy was something she created from going about her daily routine in a casual manner and then panicking because she left all of her tasks until the last minute. How envious I am.

What. On. Earth. Happened?

Oh that's right... I became a mum. I became a business owner. I remained a teacher. Let’s also not forget to add to the list, partner to Tim. Suddenly I was thrust into a world that was out of balance. Sleepless nights, unpaid invoices, clients tapping their fingernails, breastfeeding, and more poo than I have ever seen in my entire life (and the shock of realising that a onesie can miraculously contain it all).

These are the days that make you realise that a shower and clean teeth are privileges. And on some days, you don’t leave the nursery. All the while, your head and temper are exploding because Mary Smith’s invoice hasn't been created and Sam’s pay still hasn't gone through.

I've cooked more meals that have been uneaten than those that have. I've played tea parties with Amelia whilst running my list of things to do through my head. I constantly think about the other things that I have to do, while I'm trying to do just one thing. Apparently it's only called 'multitasking' if you're actually DOING more than one thing at once; not just thinking about it. How frustrating!! I've made errors on rosters that couldn't be fixed, tied more sets of shoelaces for 6 year olds than I care to remember and spent far too long encouraging that child just to eat the whole darn grape.

I enjoy my ‘me time’ in the shower (actually, not even then) and it is devastating when I realise that I've been in there far too long and that it’s time to turn the water off.

Don’t get me wrong! I love being a mum. Amelia is a constant source of inspiration for me. I love the freedom of owning my own business. I love teaching. But these things cannot exist in isolation of one another. Doing what I do has led my family to realise our dream of living in country paradise... with tranquillity, native animals, gorgeous creeks and quiet. And it is to working hard that I owe this. Look at my gorgeous family. Mwahhh!

Far removed from my 25 year old self, this is a new me. The grown up me. Each and every day I learn new ways to balance the four most important areas of my life. And this is what I want to share with you, busy mama. I haven’t got it all figured out. Nor may I ever figure it all out. But with each new day, comes new and exciting challenges, and with those days, many more strategies to balance it all out.

No one can simply hop up on the metaphorical balance beam and walk, twirl and jump with ease. Not without reflection. Not without practice and certainly not without several failed attempts. Some of us (me included) will never perform on that balance beam with ease.

Some people make it look easy.

Stop looking at those people.

It is not easy.

Please enjoy my story. Please share my story with your other fabulous friends. Please leave your feedback. Please know that whatever it is that you do… YOU CAN DO IT!


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