Holistic Sleep Strategies for You & Your Family

May 04, 2021

Today I’m chatting with holistic sleep consultant Georgina Windebank about all things sleep!

Sleep is my absolute favourite part of the day and I’m super passionate about getting good quality sleep as part of our self care routines. In this episode Georgina unpacks how getting good quality sleep for the whole family can positively impact our lives.

Georgina’s background is in naturopathy where she spent six years working in a corporate naturopathic sales rep role. She has had soooo much experience in this area and through this, was lead specifically to the journey of sleep.

Georgina believes that having a baby that sleeps means that the whole family unit sleeps better, is generally happier!

In this episode you’ll...

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Aligning your daily tasks to your greater goals & vision

Apr 20, 2021

In this episode I sew a tidy thread through our daily actions and link them to our weekly plans, monthly intentions, quarterly goals and overall vision for our future. I open the door for you to view the way in which you move through your daily tasks and reflect upon whether they are moving you closer to, or further away from what you want to be, do and have in your life.
Each day we make a series of choices that either align or detach us from living on purpose. Being aware of this is just the first step in making those conscious choices and putting our own dreams and goals ahead of others'.
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Where does all my time go?

Apr 06, 2021

When the days and weeks seem to fly, it’s no wonder that we end up scratching our heads and asking ourselves where on earth the time has gone.

In this episode I chat to Yvette Sitters about how she audited and reflected upon how she uses her time in order to better manage her self, her tasks and her life.

The full process of conducting a time audit is available as an eCourse inside The Time Creator Momentum, my online membership. You can check that out at www.tashguthrie.com.au/membership

What does a time audit entail?

Yvette breaks this down in GREAT DETAIL in this episode, but in short the time audit asks you to track how you spend your time, in short time intervals and then reflecting upon how we have used our time and checking...

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The Power of Accountability

Mar 23, 2021

Have you ever had a big dream or a goal that you didn’t achieve? Me too, don’t worry! In this episode I am chatting about all things accountability and how it can help you achieve your goals faster than ever before.

Accountability helps you get focused, motivated and committed to take action on the things you need to do in order to achieve your goals. We use this strategy every week inside The Time Creator Momentum and the ladies that implement it consistently see massive shift in their to-do lists and goal achievement.

When we decide to publicly declaring what they intend to achieve, we are making a commitment to seeing it through. It truly is powerful.

I'd love to know about your experiences with this! Come and join our ...

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What Would Your Grandmother Have Done With Your Opportunities?

Mar 09, 2021

This year's International Women's Day focuses on the campaign #ChooseToChallenge.

This special episode of The Time Creator Podcast focuses on the positive general impact of our grandmothers, and features snippets from five inspirational women who are sharing their stories. The women who have walked before us have all left an incredible legacy that has seen our opportunities grow today. This episode focuses on the leading question: What would our grandmothers have done with our opportunities?

In 2021, my signature floral planner featured artwork painted by my grandmother about 40 years ago. This year marks 30 years since her passing and I have been inspired by her story of determination and grit in breaking the role of the...

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How I Decluttered 200 Items From My Home in 4 Days

Feb 23, 2021
On the podcast today I'm chatting about all things clutter, the mental health battles associated with clutter and how I am using a beautiful, gentle method to declutter my own home. 

A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind, which results in overwhelm, stress and anxiety. On some level, this affects most of us at some stages of our lives and it can be a very tricky thing to get on top of. Especially when you don't know when to start!
I recently came across the most incredible APP which gives you one tiny object/group of objects to focus on decluttering each day. When you complete the task, you can record how many things you removed from your living space and it keeps a record of this for you!
If ever you've...
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Instantly Reduce Overwhelm & Stress

Feb 09, 2021
In this episode, I'm sharing my favourite (and simple) technique for instantly reducing overwhelm and stress in my mind. From time to time, we all experience the overwhelm that our lives and responsibilities bring us and in the episode I walk you through the brain dumping technique, that will help you to unload your mental load and create an action plan to support your to-do list.

To complete a brain dump you'll need three things:
  1. A piece of paper
  2. A pen
  3. 10 minutes of uninterrupted time
Here we go....
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10 Things you can Add to your Planner TODAY

Jan 26, 2021
When thinking about the year ahead and creating a vision of what we want to achieve, it's vital that we schedule important dates and commitments ahead of time. This helps us to forecast when planning and ensure that we are considering our commitments ahead of time.

In this episode of The Time Creator Podcast, I'm sharing 10 things that you can add to your planner TODAY.
Don't have a planner yet? Don't panic! You can check out The Time Creator planner in my STORE or listen to episode 021 of this podcast where I walk you through how to choose the perfect planner to suit your needs and preferences.
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Uncovering Your True Self

Dec 01, 2020

Understanding who you are and why you are the way you are is integral to creating an authentic life, based on who you are at your soul level. In the past I have fought my instincts and second guessed decisions that I would make, wondering why I never felt confident to back myself.

Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and I recall sneaking away from the crowd I was hosting to have a moment of solicitude before the desserts were served. I had been rushed off my feet all morning and with several house guests, was feeling the pull and strain of hosting and smiling and all those other things that demanded my attention. As I crept into the quiet lounge room and found myself a private, comfy seat I was startled to see my sister in law Ashlee, who had...

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What To Do When You've Run Out of Time

Nov 29, 2020

This episode title pretty much sums it up!

I was literally out of time to record an episode for the podcast BUT it was due. I could have made my apologies and waited until the following week but I am a woman of my word. This podcast comes out fortnightly.

So I asked myself... what could I do right now to help me get this done? And this episode was the result.

Listen in for my 2 tips on what to do when you've run out of time.

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