Instantly Reduce Overwhelm & Stress

Feb 09, 2021
In this episode, I'm sharing my favourite (and simple) technique for instantly reducing overwhelm and stress in my mind. From time to time, we all experience the overwhelm that our lives and responsibilities bring us and in the episode I walk you through the brain dumping technique, that will help you to unload your mental load and create an action plan to support your to-do list.

To complete a brain dump you'll need three things:
  1. A piece of paper
  2. A pen
  3. 10 minutes of uninterrupted time
Here we go....
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10 Things you can Add to your Planner TODAY

Jan 26, 2021
When thinking about the year ahead and creating a vision of what we want to achieve, it's vital that we schedule important dates and commitments ahead of time. This helps us to forecast when planning and ensure that we are considering our commitments ahead of time.

In this episode of The Time Creator Podcast, I'm sharing 10 things that you can add to your planner TODAY.
Don't have a planner yet? Don't panic! You can check out The Time Creator planner in my STORE or listen to episode 021 of this podcast where I walk you through how to choose the perfect planner to suit your needs and preferences.
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Uncovering Your True Self

Dec 01, 2020

Understanding who you are and why you are the way you are is integral to creating an authentic life, based on who you are at your soul level. In the past I have fought my instincts and second guessed decisions that I would make, wondering why I never felt confident to back myself.

Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and I recall sneaking away from the crowd I was hosting to have a moment of solicitude before the desserts were served. I had been rushed off my feet all morning and with several house guests, was feeling the pull and strain of hosting and smiling and all those other things that demanded my attention. As I crept into the quiet lounge room and found myself a private, comfy seat I was startled to see my sister in law Ashlee, who had...

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What To Do When You've Run Out of Time

Nov 29, 2020

This episode title pretty much sums it up!

I was literally out of time to record an episode for the podcast BUT it was due. I could have made my apologies and waited until the following week but I am a woman of my word. This podcast comes out fortnightly.

So I asked myself... what could I do right now to help me get this done? And this episode was the result.

Listen in for my 2 tips on what to do when you've run out of time.

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Creating Core Values for a Life You Love

Nov 03, 2020

On the podcast today, I'm chatting to one of the amazing Founding Members from my online membership, The Time Creator Momentum.

About my guest...

Mary Roper is a Founding Member of The Time Creator Momentum and a busy SAHM to three gorgeous children (including 2 year old twins). She has a Bachelor of Arts in History/Heritage major.

Mary is striving to spend more time with her family instead of being overwhelmed by disorganisation, while also dedicating time to herself and her own pursuits.

In this episode...

  • Why Mary decided to join The Time Creator Momentum and which elements she loves most about it
  • The importance of creating core values that align to the life you want
  • How living out of alignment with your core values creates...
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Creating Time for Self Care

Oct 25, 2020

In this episode of The Time Creator Podcast, you'll hear my conversation with Crystal from The Gentle Counsellor from our live Facebook chat during the Aussie Mums' Mental Health Virtual Event.

Our conversation was primarily focused on helping women just like you, create more time for self care in their every day routines.


  • What self care really is
  • Myths about what self care looks like
  • How to create pockets of times for self care throughout your day
  • Changing your mindset around self care


Aussie Mums Mental Health Virtual Event - Click Here

Crystal's Website - The Gentle Counsellor

16 Personalities Quiz - Click Here

The 5 Love Languages - Click Here


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Your dreams are worth the effort

Oct 06, 2020

This episode is for you if you have big dreams bubbling deep inside you. Perhaps you feel like success isn't coming fast enough for you? Or that getting started and taking those first steps is just too overwhelming? In this episode, we are chatting to Kata Cser, who shares her journey to success and the highs and lows of the journey thus far.

About my guest...

Kata is a 30 year old Gen Y, Taurus, Hungarian, and the youngest of two siblings, who growing up wanted to be a business psychologist when she grew up. Or a professional hip hop dancer.

Kata entered the business world at the age of 21 after her father was diagnosed with cancer. She joined a network marketing business where she learned the basics of networking,...

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The 3 things you must plan for every single day

Sep 22, 2020
As you plan your days and weeks it's very easy to get yourself into a overwhelmed twist. In this episode of The Time Creator Podcast, I share the 3 things that you must plan for every single day.
Planning for these three things will result in you feeling less overwhelm, more in control of your life and calmer within yourself. Effective planning will also result in contentment, as you plan in alignment with your core values and intentions.


Links mentioned in this episode:


The Time Creator Planner - Click Here

The Time Creator Community - Click Here

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Low Tox Living

Sep 08, 2020

This week on the podcast I'm talking to Rachel Deutscher from The Lavender Collective, about all things low tox living.

Rachel shares her story of how living a low tox lifestyle has improved all areas of her family's health and how making conscious decisions about the products that she uses, and the positive impact this has on herself and her children.


Rachel is a Young Living wellness advocate and home detox specialist. She has a passion to help families rid their homes of harmful toxic chemicals from cleaning products to skin care and replace them with beautiful plant based products including essential oils, and things from your pantry or garden.

Rachel lives in the northern rivers, NSW with her hubby and four...

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The Power of One

Aug 30, 2020


The power of one concept was one that I created after eating way too many peanut M&Ms. Seriously.

You see, I am an over-indulger. I never know when to stop and always end up taking things too far - like the M&Ms. A couple turns into a handful and a handful turns into... well, you see where I'm going with this. 

The power of one helps me stay within my limits and set boundaries that I can achieve.

One serve of dinner. 

One glass of wine.

One M&M

But the power of one has magical powers beyond restraint. It also gives you the power of productivity and achievement.

In the home, I applied it to things like,

One load of laundry everyday

One hour of TV (so I can spend time on achieving other things)


What can...

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