Saying NO With Confidence

Dec 17, 2019

Life is tough as a people pleaser. Having to say no is one of the most unnatural things to do because at the heart of everything, we want to help and support others in our lives. Sometimes though, it’s just not possible or realistic for us to do so.

Often we say yes to people out of obligation, fear of disappointing or simply because we feel we should. At times we let other people’s agendas and priorities railroad our own just to avoid feeling these things. It’s like we would rather say yes to someone else rather than to ourselves {#ouch} and let’s be frank (because you know I love Frank) when we say yes to someone else when we don’t want to, what we are really doing is saying no to ourselves {#truthbomb}...

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Time Management Hacks for Ambitious Mums

Dec 03, 2019

In this podcast episode I chat with Leah Macdonald from Mummy Wears Prada all about self, motherhood and time management hacks for ambitious mums. If you're a mum in business, then this episode is for YOU!

About my guest

Systems queen. Personal growth junkie. Mindset hacker. Financial nerd. Pilates & chilli chocolate lover.

Leah Macdonald helps women to create more choice in their lives. Choice to create room to breathe. Choice, to give power.

Leah has met so many women who feel stuck and disempowered... who feel like they have to choose between being an amazing mother, and fulfilling their own personal goals.

After 15 years of being at the beck and call of clients, banks & solicitors - even as a business owner in the financial...

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Creating Confidence From Within

Nov 18, 2019

Today I chat with Jacque Bruggemann about all things creating confidence. Jacque believes that creating confidence is the key to a happy and fulfilled life, created on your own terms.

About the guest

Jacque Bruggemann is committed to providing women with a space to grow, shine and design their inspired and confident life. Having successfully built a Network Marketing Business over the past 4 years with 3 children in tow, Jacque has seen the power of self-care and how this links strongly to one’s confidence. She combines her passions and values of making an impact with teaching other Mums to create an income online. Unleashing the creativity, she thought was not there by creating a blog and podcast and soon to be released eBook on...

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Uncover Your True Purpose

Nov 05, 2019

Do you ever wonder what your true purpose is? Why are you here? What are you searching for? What will your legacy be?

In this episode of The Time Creator podcast I chat to Zoe Hyde about uncovering your true purpose and why it's so important. We also chat about the things that get in the way of us finding our purpose and why there are no coincidences in life.

About my guest

Zoe Hyde is the founder of Zoe Hyde Transformations and is based in West Gippsland, Victoria. She is an international author of “Uncage the Lion Within”, podcast host, motivational speaker and transformational mentor.

She truly believes that we all have a lion living inside of us; and it’s often that small voice, that passion, and that drive, that...

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What To Do When You've Lost Your Mojo

Oct 22, 2019

Have you ever lost your mojo? You know, the little piece of motivation that has your soaring the highest of heights and kicking goals?

I get it. I lose mine from time to time too. It's a funny thing how life and work and motherhood can totally suck the life out of your energy.

But don't despair. I have some great tips that will support you when you've lost your mojo. Simple things that will help get you back on track with minimal effort.
I've got you!

Key Takeaways

  • How we lose our mojo and why
  • Ways to support yourself when you feel you’ve lost your mojo
  • Setting routines for yourself and your family
  • Considering your future self
  • The trick to knowing what to do when you don’t know where to start
  • Losing our mojo is a signal
  • What...
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Project: Life Redesign

Oct 08, 2019

Have you ever wanted to just stop, take a breath and redesign your life? By redesign I don't mean change everything... I mean, tweak it and style it to suit exactly where you're at and to help you grow into the life you desire? My guest today has done just this.

After her second child and feeling torn between her exciting career and flourishing online business, Krystal made some bold changes and decisions in partnership with her husband to create the life that they truly desired.

About my guest

Krystal is a 30 something mother of two spirited kids and wife to one super-hot man (her words). She has over 10 years’ experience as an Advanced Care Paramedic, a job she loves but finds her creative flair in her businesses and writing.

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Stop SHOULD-ing All Over Yourself

Sep 10, 2019

Did you know that there’s a little word that hangs around us all day long and waits for opportune moments to pounce on us and derail us from our true focus?


Not only is this word opportunistic… it can also be really conflicting. In this episode, hear all about the one word that is causing us to live the least best version of ourselves.

Key Takeaways

  • What the word is and why it’s so dangerous
  • Highlights
  • What the word is
  • Is this word a voice of reason?
  • How you get distracted and derailed by this word
  • Four ways to stop should-ing all over ourselves

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Work/Life Harmony vs Work/Life Balance

Sep 10, 2019

What IS work/life balance and is it REALLY what we want? In today’s episode I am unpacking the concept of work/life balance and exploring the concept of work/life harmony as a natural and intentional way of living. I will unpack the five key pillars of work/life harmony and inspire you to begin thinking about how these pillars fit into your life too.

Key Takeaways

  • How work/life harmony differs to work/life balance
  • What the five key pillars of work/life harmony are
  • Highlights
  • How our roles as women has changed from previous generations & the implications of this
  • How I nearly fell into the trap of wanting work/life balance
  • The most DANGEROUS word we can use in our everyday lives
  • How harmony differs to balance
  • How being present...
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Welcome to The Time Creator Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

Welcome to the very first episode of The Time Creator Podcast.

I am so excited that you're here, experiencing this journey with me. In this brief, introductory episode, you'll learn about the vision I have for the podcast as well as what to expect as a listener.

Key Takeaways

  • What to expect from The Time Creator Podcast
  • Inspiration to chase your big dream and make it a reality
  • Highlights
  • The excuses I had as to why I couldn’t launch this podcast
  • Why I decided to just do it
  • My big message for your big dreams
  • Creating work/life harmony
  • My mantra
  • My journey thus far
  • Does anyone ever nail time management and productivity?
  • What you need to know about me
  • Where to find me on Instagram to see behind the scenes & farm life


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Tips for Creating Your Best Life

Mar 06, 2019

To celebrate International Women's Day 2019 I approached some of the most inspirational women in my life and network, to give their advice on how women can create their best lives.

I'm nobody important in the big, big world. In fact, I felt so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things that I was almost too intimidated to reach out to some of the incredibly successful people on my wish list. My biggest fear was that they would not respond to me at all... and although some didn't, I feel so grateful and honoured that so many did take the time to respond and contribute their ideas to this important discussion. ... Every woman being empowered to create her best life.

Below are the tips and advice from these amazing women and role...

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