The Personality Trait That’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams

Sep 08, 2017

I’m a big dreamer. I constantly seem to have a second story playing in the background of my brain, visualising the future. Perhaps you could say that I’m always optimistically painting my future and planting seeds for the universe to scoop up and plant on the road ahead.

Does dreaming work? Ummmm hell yes. I’ve designed my life just the way I like it (and it’s only going to get better).

As an educator, I work with people every day who present to me their best ideas and plans for their future. These are people who dream big, even when uncertain of how they’ll actually pull it off. But they’re optimistic and excited.

And you know what? Some of these people WOW me, and others don’t surprise me at...

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How to Choose the Perfect Planner

Aug 25, 2017

A planner is an essential planning and organisational tool for anyone who wants to achieve more, improve their time management and reduce general overwhelm and stress in their lives.

You only need to walk into any department store or stationery store to be spoilt for choice when it comes to diaries and planners and it can be confusing to try and choose the perfect planner if you’re not quite sure what to look for or what you need.

Everyone is busy.

I hear people talk about being a ‘busy mum’ or a ‘busy working mum’ or a ‘busy stay-at-home mum’ but the actual fact is that everyone is busy.

Everyone has responsibilities, goals and actions that they need to complete and although some people seem to...

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The 7 Visitors You'd Rather Not See After Having a Baby

Jul 26, 2017

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, joyous times in your life. Everyone is excited! From you and your husband making dreamy plans for your future as a family, to your friends becoming your cheer squad and offering lots of support. Right through to the sticky beaks who wouldn’t go to coffee with you, but keep tabs on you... waiting for all the goss; and the interfering family members who broadcast your every move and progress like a fog horn. Sigh.

No matter how prepared you are though, or which number baby you’re having, the reality of actually having that baby and bringing him home is quite an emotional experience. One that is different with each baby. Everyone gets excited for you which is so lovely and they all want...

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3 Daily Tasks We Should do to Feel in Control

Jul 22, 2017

We are busy people!

It doesn’t matter how organised we feel, we are still masters of the circus, juggling and trying to run the whole show externally as we run a second story internally, planning and preparing for everyone else. Tough gig. It's hard to feel in control when your mind is spinning!

At times it’s easy to fall down, forget about ourselves and fall into an exhausted heap at the end of everyday, knowing that we have to get up and do it all over again tomorrow. I sit here writing this in my PJs and feeling super unmotivated today. I know why. I know why I’m in this mood. It’s because I haven’t followed my own advice.

You see, you can’t gain control of the things around you simply by...

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What Mums REALLY Want for Mother's Day

May 06, 2017

Tim forgot all about my first Mother’s Day #heartbroken

It was the first REAL Mother’s Day for me (because up until then I’d only been a “cat-mum”) and I remember waking up on Mother’s Day and seeing pictures of my Mother’s Group friends on Facebook enjoying breakfast in bed, getting framed photos of their kids and other amazing things like jewellery and a sleep in. I was sure that he had something magnificent planned for later in the day, so I said nothing and we got on with what was just another ordinary day with a newborn.

A few hours later we were roaming through the shopping centre and I commented on a baking dish I thought was pretty. “Would you like it?” he asked. He went in a...

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5 Simple Ways for Working Mums to Combat Stress

Mar 25, 2017

One of the most overwhelming and stressful moments of my life/business/motherhood journey was when Amelia was just 6 months old. I was on my way home from work… late of course and she was home, waiting for her next breastfeed while I ran a mental list of everything I needed to do before I got home to her, in my mind. I’d stopped on the side of the road to answer the business phone… another booking. I scrambled to find a scrap of paper to take the details while planning my next moves. Pick up some groceries, check the PO Box and drop off gear to an employee. I could feel my milk-filled breasts starting to burst and I was still half an hour away from town.

I rushed into the supermarket, I grabbed the few things I needed...

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6 Perfect Podcasts for Mums in Biz

Mar 18, 2017

It’s no wonder that my 2 hour daily commute for work has become my most favoured part of the day. What used to be a gruelling, wasteful period of time has now become my most inspirational, educational and reflective time in my day, thanks to podcasts.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio download that can be accessed on a computer or electronic device to listen to. There are hundreds of thousands of topics/genres to suit just about anyone’s interests.

Why do I love them?

Although typically a visual person, podcasts allow me a ‘hands free’ option of learning through listening. I can subscribe to channels I love and download episodes that play one after the other, ensuring that I’m never...

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How To Feel Less Shit When Life Sucks

Oct 05, 2016

Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you
{Maori Proverb}

I truly believe that happiness and positivity is a choice.

A hard choice for some, but a choice none the less.

How can we feel less shit about things when our life feels like it sucks a bit?

What’s stopping us from having the dream career, the dream family and the dream lifestyle?

No matter how far we are from having everything we’ve always wanted, we have to accept that we are all in control of getting up off that lounge, turning off the TV, stretching, walking to the door and grounding ourselves barefoot in the earth as we turn our faces towards the sun and let our shadows fall behind us.

It’s clear to me that we are all in complete...

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How to Make Friends With Time

Sep 27, 2016

How to make friends with time...

My heart thumped louder than the clock ticked. Time, time, time. With every passing second I became further behind with the tasks I’d set for the day. There became a moment where I felt that I’d collapsed on the hamster wheel and instead of running with it, I was being pulled; attached to the wheel as gravity held me there, spinning around and around. I felt totally out of control and overwhelmed. Sound familiar?

This honestly used to happen to me a lot and if I can be totally honest, there are fleeting moment of time when now, this still happens (if I'm not careful). Pre-baby, my relationship with time wasn't overly relevant. But post-baby, I felt like time hated me. Of course, I...

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Case Study: NO to-do lists, brain dumps or diary

May 28, 2016

This is very unlike me. All I can say about these past twelve days is… whoa! For twelve days I wrote NO to-do lists, did NO brain dumps and did NOT use my diary. Me? Yes me. What happened, you may ask? Did I fall into the abyss along with a case of wine? Or did nothing change? The results of this experiment certainly surprised me.

Firstly, I didn’t turn on my laptop at all. Like, at all. Not once. (Ok, maybe once for a meeting but that doesn’t count). I didn’t write any new content, I didn’t do any e-learning and I let 324 emails accumulate. None of which I replied to (sorry Katrina…)

So what did happen?

No I didn’t fall into the abyss (although I did drink a fair bit of wine… and...

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