5 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Business

Sep 03, 2015

Do you sometimes find it difficult to motivate yourself in business? Like anything else, there are times in our business when we feel more motivated to work and get shit done than others.

We all have those days where the mere thought of walking into the office and getting down to business is overwhelming or uninviting. But as we all know, your business will only ever work as hard as you do!

Sometimes, we just have to pick ourselves up, walk through that door and get to work. But how do you do that when you’re feeling unmotivated? Here are my 5 top tips to help motivate you in business.

Have a spring clean

Creating a practical and inspirational  physical work space is key to feeling motivated to work. When you sit down at your...

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10 Things I’ve Learnt from Owning a Business

Apr 04, 2015

What I've Learnt from Owning a Business - I'm not sure there's enough room in this blog post!

But seriously, shall we talk business? Owning a business is so exciting! I could talk for forever about business and all that I’ve learnt and experienced over time, but I’ll stop myself right now and get to the top 10 points...

Setting up a business is easy

Although quite a process, it’s very easy. You get yourself an ABN (Australian Business Number), name your amazing business idea, register it and get yourself a Facebook page (and eventually a website). To get started in business, all you need to do is follow the prescribed list of ‘to-do’ tasks and you’re on your way. It’s actually quite scary when...

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The Importance of Be True to YOU

Mar 07, 2015

With the Internet at our fingertips every moment of the day, it’s impossible NOT to take notice of what everyone else is doing. It wasn’t until I opened an email from a colleague this week that I realised just how paralysed I have become in my own business. I’m so paralysed, that every time I have an ‘idea,’ it already seems so similar to something I’ve seen somewhere else... the language, the image, the message.
How do you know what is actually true to you if you can’t block out everyone else?

  • The thing about taking too much notice of what everyone else is doing is that it contaminates everything that you create, and compromises your authenticity. So, how do you stay authentic when there are so...
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Don't Be a Pussy

Feb 03, 2015

Last November, I sat in the doctor’s surgery awaiting the results of my pap smear. I’d already had the phone call from the receptionist earlier that day asking if I could pop in on my way home from work, which is never a good sign.

I waited anxiously, reflecting on the last time I was here... a couple of weeks earlier. I’d sat in that same room in the same doctor’s surgery, watching ambulance after ambulance roar past, sirens blazing. The doctor and I chatted about how there must have been a terrible accident. Little did I know that they were going to a fatal head on collision, which sadly my brother was involved in.

Not long after this, my friend lost her battle with Leukaemia and as I sat and waited I...

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Managing My Remission from Graves' Disease

Jan 11, 2015


What an absolutely amazing, calming, positive, healing word to hear. Anyone who has ever been in remission from ANYTHING can likely agree that it is a birdsong. A second chance. Remission from Graves Disease can take many forms and you may hear many definitions. Sometimes it is when someone has been off of anti-thyroid medications for a particular period of time and has ongoing normal/stable levels. It can also be for people who have had their thyroid removed, shrunk by radiation and where they are able to manage their own thyroid levels through a lifetime of medication.

I still have my thyroid. There had been mention of radiation and surgery at many different times throughout my diagnosis and treatment. I have been in...

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Living With Graves Disease

Jan 07, 2015

Imagine having all the energy in the world. Imagine having everything you always wanted. Your own home, an investment home too, a husband, an emerging career, a cat, a car with no finance attached and a couple of good, close friends. Imagine being able to work 3 jobs, sometimes all in one day and still have energy when you get home to pursue hobbies. Imagine being able to eat whatever and however much you liked, without gaining a single kilo. Imagine crashing and burning like a failed rocket launch at a rapid speed and completely and purposefully smashing your life to pieces. This is the story of my Graves Disease.

Things were pretty darn good in my life. I had accomplished a lot in my early 20s including getting married, buying two...

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How Reading Erotic Novels Increases My Income

Dec 23, 2014

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a HUGE fan of erotic novels. I’ve read them on planes, in cars, in the dark with a torch and even more recently, on audio book during my daily commute. I love the promise of ‘everything always works out’ that each unique story holds, even if it’s unrealistic!

You may be wondering how spending time reading this sort of loved-up trash makes me thousands of dollars each month; and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that it’s the biggest load of crap you’ve ever heard. But it’s true.

Reading these novels takes me away from reality, even if just for small increments of time and allows me to dream. It’s like a darling little holiday for my mind and...

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Working from Home with Kids

Nov 08, 2014

I'll say this straight up... working from home with kids is BLOODY TOUGH!

There are days when all you'll think is "if I can just make it to nap time without losing my temper, slipping on discarded food or scrubbing crayon off the walls, it will be a miracle and I can get some work done." Then when you DO finally make it into that silent moment of tranquillity, you are devastated to find your work phone in the toilet and your paperwork decorated with illustrations of goodness-knows-what pink and yellow scribble.

But my darling, you're not alone! Sooooo many women are choosing to work from home these days and their jobs range anywhere from small home-based business owners, to crafters, party plan consultants and even those who have...

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I'm Sick, So Can't I Just Be Sick?

Aug 08, 2014

Nobody likes being sick.

Sometimes sickness slowly kicks our arse for days or even weeks in the lead up to actually 'hitting' us. Or as I discovered this week, sometimes it only takes a few hours.

To cut a long story short, I left work early on Thursday and went via the hospital and went home with a diagnosis of acute tonsillitis, a sky high temperature and a handbag full of antibiotics.

Although I pretty much slept through Thursday afternoon and evening, it was Friday that stumped me. I had a whole day off at home to rest and get better. But do you think that I could? Yes, I did a lot of nothing. And yes, I felt like absolute crap and could barely move but it was while I lay there high on pain relief, that my mind couldn't rest. Not...

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Just Eat the Frog!

Apr 08, 2014

I was first introduced to the idea to 'eat the frog' by my mentor and friend Jo Karabin, CEO and founder of Australian party plan company PASH in 2009. As a national manager for PASH,  I had built a successful team of around about 75 consultants. The job wasn't so much about direct selling, as it was about juggling personalities.

On one afternoon I received a heated phone call from a local businessman to complain about one of my consultants. I had to investigate his allegations and return his call to attempt a resolution.

I was PETRIFIED of making that phone call.

100% pants-shitting petrified.

One heated conversation had been more than my emotions could handle. There was NO way that I could do it, so I kept...

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