Never Stop Dreaming

Apr 05, 2014

I never stop dreaming.

I am one of those people who constantly have a million ideas buzzing through their mind at once.

Not all brilliant ideas... and quite a few ri-donk-ulous ones too.

I have succeeded in setting amazing business goals that are achievable and attainable and... well... safe :-(

I know I can achieve them in time. Every time I set these goals, I think to myself, "if I can achieve these goals and get my shit (my processes) sorted out, THEN I'll be able to focus on getting bigger and better. I fear I've done it all around the wrong way.

You see, this is where working from a home-based business can really SUCK. I have no colleagues to bounce my ideas off. No one to say "that's a great idea" or "have you thought about...

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9 Ways to Avoid doing Housework on a Sunday

Apr 03, 2014

"Darling, I've got no clean undies!"

I think every woman has heard this desperate cry from their significant other at some point in their life. How ridiculous to think that THEY could ever plan far enough ahead to ensure that the laundry is done!!

Just as you climb the stairs to go and investigate, you can see the kitchen counter out of the corner of your eye and pretend that you don't see that gigantic pile of dishes and food that will soon be your next task.

And just as you almost reach the bedroom... OUCH! You've stepped on a piece of bloody lego. Now, research shows that when we cry because we are happy, tears begin to flow from the right eye first. When we cry because we are sad, tears begin to flow from the left eye first....

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Would I recognise me now?

Apr 01, 2014

When I look at the girl in the picture, I can honestly say I wouldn't recognise her if I passed her in the street. Or maybe I would, in an envious way. The spring in her step and smile on her face is a dead give-away... a give-away that she is carefree.

She’s only 25. I'm 30.

That woman? She has no time limits. She can hang out with friends all day long, drink as much champagne as she likes and she has all the time in the world to explore new hobbies.

She gets over 10 hours sleep a night, and when she doesn't it’s probably by choice. I'm lucky to get around 7.

Don’t get me wrong… she is BUSY too. Pffft. Who am I kidding?? She doesn't know what busy is at 25. Busy was something she created from going about...

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