Holistic Sleep Strategies for You & Your Family

May 04, 2021

Today I’m chatting with holistic sleep consultant Georgina Windebank about all things sleep!

Sleep is my absolute favourite part of the day and I’m super passionate about getting good quality sleep as part of our self care routines. In this episode Georgina unpacks how getting good quality sleep for the whole family can positively impact our lives.

Georgina’s background is in naturopathy where she spent six years working in a corporate naturopathic sales rep role. She has had soooo much experience in this area and through this, was lead specifically to the journey of sleep.

Georgina believes that having a baby that sleeps means that the whole family unit sleeps better, is generally happier!

In this episode you’ll...

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Instantly Reduce Overwhelm & Stress

Feb 09, 2021
In this episode, I'm sharing my favourite (and simple) technique for instantly reducing overwhelm and stress in my mind. From time to time, we all experience the overwhelm that our lives and responsibilities bring us and in the episode I walk you through the brain dumping technique, that will help you to unload your mental load and create an action plan to support your to-do list.

To complete a brain dump you'll need three things:
  1. A piece of paper
  2. A pen
  3. 10 minutes of uninterrupted time
Here we go....
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How to Live Slow

Mar 02, 2020

Slow living is the new way to live the old way. Purposeful. Fulfilling. Intentional. With ease.

About my guest

In today's episode, I chat with Rachelle Glendon from How to Live Slow - a Youtube channel (and soon to be podcast) designed to help modern mums find the antidote to overwhelm and instead create the intentionally slower family life of their dreams. Rachelle is a qualified life coach, reformed busy-holic and mum to 2 boys. She's obsessed with personal transformation and believes that slowing down is as easy, and as hard, as making different choices and creating new habits.

Key takeaways

  • What is slow living?
  • Working ourselves to the bone
  • Structured vs unstructured time
  • Letting things come to you naturally
  • How technology is...
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Health & Fitness Hacks for Busy Mums

Jan 20, 2020

Having children changes a lot of things and fitness is no exception. My guest today is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating fitness programs to suit busy mums because she KNOWS that it's not always possible to spend 60 minutes a day at the gym getting in the ultimate workout.

Instead, Nikki is all about intentional, incidental fitness... health and fitness that can be integrated into the everyday activities that we as mums, juggle. Suddenly, movement and fitness seems possible and manageable.

If you have been wanting to incorporate more movement and fitness into your busy days without feeling like you need to spend an hour at the gym, then this episode is for you!

About my guest...

Nikki Knieriem is a mother of 2 young boys...

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The 7 Visitors You'd Rather Not See After Having a Baby

Jul 26, 2017

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, joyous times in your life. Everyone is excited! From you and your husband making dreamy plans for your future as a family, to your friends becoming your cheer squad and offering lots of support. Right through to the sticky beaks who wouldn’t go to coffee with you, but keep tabs on you... waiting for all the goss; and the interfering family members who broadcast your every move and progress like a fog horn. Sigh.

No matter how prepared you are though, or which number baby you’re having, the reality of actually having that baby and bringing him home is quite an emotional experience. One that is different with each baby. Everyone gets excited for you which is so lovely and they all want...

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What Mums REALLY Want for Mother's Day

May 06, 2017

Tim forgot all about my first Mother’s Day #heartbroken

It was the first REAL Mother’s Day for me (because up until then I’d only been a “cat-mum”) and I remember waking up on Mother’s Day and seeing pictures of my Mother’s Group friends on Facebook enjoying breakfast in bed, getting framed photos of their kids and other amazing things like jewellery and a sleep in. I was sure that he had something magnificent planned for later in the day, so I said nothing and we got on with what was just another ordinary day with a newborn.

A few hours later we were roaming through the shopping centre and I commented on a baking dish I thought was pretty. “Would you like it?” he asked. He went in a...

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5 Simple Ways for Working Mums to Combat Stress

Mar 25, 2017

One of the most overwhelming and stressful moments of my life/business/motherhood journey was when Amelia was just 6 months old. I was on my way home from work… late of course and she was home, waiting for her next breastfeed while I ran a mental list of everything I needed to do before I got home to her, in my mind. I’d stopped on the side of the road to answer the business phone… another booking. I scrambled to find a scrap of paper to take the details while planning my next moves. Pick up some groceries, check the PO Box and drop off gear to an employee. I could feel my milk-filled breasts starting to burst and I was still half an hour away from town.

I rushed into the supermarket, I grabbed the few things I needed...

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How To Feel Less Shit When Life Sucks

Oct 05, 2016

Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you
{Maori Proverb}

I truly believe that happiness and positivity is a choice.

A hard choice for some, but a choice none the less.

How can we feel less shit about things when our life feels like it sucks a bit?

What’s stopping us from having the dream career, the dream family and the dream lifestyle?

No matter how far we are from having everything we’ve always wanted, we have to accept that we are all in control of getting up off that lounge, turning off the TV, stretching, walking to the door and grounding ourselves barefoot in the earth as we turn our faces towards the sun and let our shadows fall behind us.

It’s clear to me that we are all in complete...

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Don't Be a Pussy

Feb 03, 2015

Last November, I sat in the doctor’s surgery awaiting the results of my pap smear. I’d already had the phone call from the receptionist earlier that day asking if I could pop in on my way home from work, which is never a good sign.

I waited anxiously, reflecting on the last time I was here... a couple of weeks earlier. I’d sat in that same room in the same doctor’s surgery, watching ambulance after ambulance roar past, sirens blazing. The doctor and I chatted about how there must have been a terrible accident. Little did I know that they were going to a fatal head on collision, which sadly my brother was involved in.

Not long after this, my friend lost her battle with Leukaemia and as I sat and waited I...

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Managing My Remission from Graves' Disease

Jan 11, 2015


What an absolutely amazing, calming, positive, healing word to hear. Anyone who has ever been in remission from ANYTHING can likely agree that it is a birdsong. A second chance. Remission from Graves Disease can take many forms and you may hear many definitions. Sometimes it is when someone has been off of anti-thyroid medications for a particular period of time and has ongoing normal/stable levels. It can also be for people who have had their thyroid removed, shrunk by radiation and where they are able to manage their own thyroid levels through a lifetime of medication.

I still have my thyroid. There had been mention of radiation and surgery at many different times throughout my diagnosis and treatment. I have been in...

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