Take your planning, time management & productivity to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.


Go beyond your planner to unlock the secrets of time management & productivity to create more time for the people & things you love most.

Productivity & time management isn't about getting more done. It's about getting the right things done.


Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you work, there's never enough time in the day to get everything done? 

Join The Time Creator Momentum to banish procrastination and overwhelm with simple tips and strategies to quickly improve your productivity, identify your priorities and set fun & exciting goals to create calm and regain hours of joyful time back into your life.

Imagine waking up everyday:

  • Calm & focused
  • In control of your time
  • With a manageable to-do list and schedule
  • With clear intentions and goals
  • With time for fun!

The Time Creator Momentum is an online membership for women like you who want to create more time and reduce overwhelm.


As a member, you will receive immediate access to the growing library of content + new training each month including:



Each month, tune into a new masterclass to learn new productivity & time management strategies 


Connect with other women like yourself who will cheer you on and support your challenges


Keep yourself focused and motivated using our weekly accountability threads to motivate and inspire you


Participate in a live intention setting workshop and Q&A each month to create momentum and plan effectively


Enjoy exclusive monthly deals, discounts & offers on Time Creator products & services, including the planner


Support & encouragement every step of the way

Starting something new can be overwhelming and scary but I want you to experience the complete opposite of this!

To support your initial journey in The Time Creator Momentum, I've created a beaut Productivity Powerhouse welcome series to step you through everything you need to know about the membership.

Kick off with a Productivity Powerhouse Welcome Series!


When you become a member, you can access my Productivity Powerhouse series immediately. This quick-start series covers:

  • Welcome video
  • How to get the most of the membership
  • The Time Creator Success path introduction
  • The Time Creator Success Path QUIZ to determine your stage
  • Facebook Community access
  • Your 14 day productivity BINGO CARD (+ win a prize)

The Time Creator Momentum is focused on YOU, your time and your progress


The Time Creator Success Path helps you track your growth and maximise your productivity and time management. It was created as the spine or scaffold of the membership to help keep you on track and celebrate your success.


Which of these stages resonates with you?

Stage One - Passionate Planner

You love all things planning and have tried numerous methods of planning and organisation with varying degrees of success but you never seem to have enough time and often feel overwhelmed. You desire to be more organised but don’t quite know where to start. As a result, you tend to get caught up in the treadmill of life, juggling a never-ending to-do list. You're ready to get off the treadmill and start taking control of your time.

Stage Two - Striving Strategist

You are beginning to feel positive about planning and are beginning to use your planner regularly. Your to-do list is still long, causing some overwhelm. As a result, you're still experimenting with different planning methods and techniques with some success. You're curious to know exactly how you should be planning your days and where you should be focusing your time and energy as a priority.

Stage Three - Goal Getter

You have developed a clear personal vision and monthly intentions and are beginning to see the links between this and how you plan your time. You're in a consistent habit of using your planner and have gained great insight into how reducing overwhelm can lead you to prioritising the right tasks on your to-do list. In the past, you’ve set and achieved some goals but have mostly fallen short, leaving you feeling disheartened. You are ready to build momentum and get your hands dirty in the goal setting process.

Stage Four - Confident Creator

The plans you make, actions you take and the goals you set demonstrate your increasing confidence when it comes to planning, time management and productivity and a result, you are finally feeling like your life is in order. You are serious about protecting your time and are ready to create healthy boundaries to support your time management and productivity. You're realising that the systems and routines you've naturally started to create are an effective way to free up your time and you're ready to permanently embed these into your daily life.

Stage Five - Scheduling Superstar

Your consistent effort to plan and schedule on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is paying off! Your schedule reflects an effective combination of tasks, appointments and actions that align with your goals and personal vision. You are becoming aware of how your planning supports your future self, and as a result you are ready to leverage your time by experimenting with more advanced time management techniques and strategies.

Stage Six - Purposeful Planner

You are confidently and consistently managing your time like a pro. Your daily schedule demonstrates purposeful planning and you are feeling like you have more time for the people and things you love most. You’re living the vision that you’ve created and are excited to grow and strengthen your time management and productivity strategies even further. You are regularly looking for ways to automate, outsource and delegate tasks to leverage your time and you are enthusiastic about continuing to reflect upon and create new goals and visions that will take you into the future.



"The Time Creator Momentum helped challenge & prompt me to use my planner in a way that worked for me and my lifestyle and really helped me prioritize my tasks, make time for self care and overcome my overwhelm, which helped me avoid further fatigue. I can’t wait for this coming year and the further growth and breakthroughs I’ll be able to achieve as a member of Tash’s community."


"I ground myself, I orientate myself, I prioritise, I have become a list maker (!), I meal plan, I'm healthier, I manage myself and my household better, I know where things are, I'm scheduled. And what's even more amazing for someone like the free-spirit that I am, I'm actually enjoying planning process! It was hard at first and stressful, because change is hard work, but most of all I'm creating a more harmonious and fulfilling life."


"The values masterclass had such an incredible impact on me personally, for the family and in my business. It’s made me realise where I was feeling stuck and and also made me aware of the things that light me up and why. I now use my values everyday to help me make decisions and I feel like I know myself more. The momentum has certainly helped me gain clarity on my life and for that I’m forever grateful."

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